How cool is this?


I started going to the chiropractor again, my back has been bothering me for awhile now and I told my Doc to fix me up quick because I need to be in tip top shape for my WDW trip coming up in November! I told him how waiting on lines really hurts my back on my last trip to Disney! :pinch:

And then that’s how it started!!!

“are you one of those disney nuts?” And Iam like yes, blah blah blah and he was like, “so am I!!! :cool: I got married last year and we stopped at WDW then went on to Hawaii!”
He totally gets it!!! We were talking about what a magical place disney is and how you get great service, food, etc… !!!
HOW COOL IS THAT??? :cool:
I go back on friday and he said we could do some more Disney Talking!!! Hehe :happy:

Wish!!! Do you have back problems? lol
His office is real close to you!!! lol


Don’t you just LOVE it when you find someone who “GETS” it like you do? I have to admit to you that NO ONE I KNOW GETS IT!!! And I mean NO ONE!!! It’s soooo hard being me. :crying: (at least I have everyone here at MB!!!)


I know! Isn’t that great?

Hey kim, we could always hold a local get together meeting in Ny at the WOD store!


I love meeting someone that gets it :wub:

Last year while baking Christmas cookies at my sisters house, her frined and I gushed Disney for a couple hours, lol. My sisters had no idea just how much I love the magic. :mickey:


I am SOOOOO THERE!!! :cool:


Ariel and Eric will be there the first week of October and the VILLAINS will also be there!!! Woooohooooo!

Remember there was supposed to be a Nyc M&G but what happened to it??? It NEVER happened!!! :frown:
I say we plan one!


I would love to go!!! We should TOTALLY plan one…well, at least we know you and I will go!!!


I was at my friends house (who is single, no kids) for a labor day bbq and her sister showed up and we were going on and on about WDW!! She has 3 kids and time share off site at Wdw and she goes every year the 1st week of November. Well we were talking and everyone else who doesnt have kids was just looking at us very strangely! lol



Iam all for it!!!
We can pick a weekend and see who wants to go! :cool:


I have timeshare off site…where is hers?


Ya know, I really dont remember! (there goes the CRS syndrome again! lol)
she originally had the time share in cancun and when here son was a baby, after that trip they switched to Disney.

hey kim, i saw a pic of your cute bro in the other thread!!is he single? lol


YES he’s single!!!


Um, what’s CRS? Maybe I have it!!! :huh:




and he likes Disney???
he’s cool in my book! lol
i must find someone that likes Disney!!!


ROFLMFAO!!! That really cracked me up. In that case, I TOTALLY have it!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I really need to buy myself the t-shirt!


I’ll buy it too!

Um, did we hijack your thread??? LOL…:ph34r:


I dont know, I can’t remember!!! :laugh:


So Kim are you trying to set up your brother now??? :laugh: :laugh:

It is amazing that you met Disney fans all over the place.