How crazy is it to go at Easter?


trying to plan another trip and am thinking about easter time, like from March 27 or 28 until Easter Sunday or Monday. Would this be an insane crowded time to go? are the parks open late in the spring like they are in summer? Is it just as crazy as Christmas time? We were there about 11 years ago at Easter but I don’t really remember anything about that trip.


It’s crazy busy but with good planning you can still have a good trip.


It was crazy enough the week before, but not nearly as bad a Christmas week.


I know there are a ton of fun things to do at all the resorts. I think it’s doable with planning. Holidays at WDW are just so fun! (well except for 4th of July:glare:) Tooooo Hot! Toooo Crowded! (for me anyway)


I was wondering this as well. We arent going to Disney BUT we are going to Univesal and Seaworld with my DH parents 3-30 4-7


It’s very busy. We’ve done three Easter weeks and one Christmas week. The Christmas week was busier. Being from Wisconsin, Easter week is such an awesome break from our winter/early spring weather. If you plan well and go prepared, the crowds won’t be a hindrance. We loved all three times!!! :happy:


I prefer Christmas to Easter. I think the crowds are kinda equal and the ambience at Christmas makes it worth it for me!

Of course you can still have a good trip, but if another week is an option, I would go with it!

Happy Planning whatever you decide!


We almost always have to go in the spring around Easter time. In fact all but 2 of our trips !! It’s busy thats for sure but we always have a great time :heart: make sure you have your ADR’s, expect crowds but it is def. manageable. we always get to see and do what we want to, we hit the night EMH at every park. The parks are open late! Enjoy