How crowded have the MNSSHPs been so far this year?


We are going to be at WDW in less than two weeks - I am so excited I can hardly stand it! :laugh: We have tickets for MNSSHP on Thursday 10/18 - how busy can we expect it to be? Have the parties been packed so far this year, or not too bad? TIA!


The parties themselves have been really busy! The very first party, despite the weather, sold over half the tickets out! But please don’t fret. Remember, each party night only sells 30,000 tickets, not even a third of the park’s capacity. So even a sold out party would allow plenty of room for rides, shows, etc.


Even at full capacity (halloween night and eve), there is still plenty of fun to be had. We had a blast on both nights and saved the rides for the end. We trick-or-treated until the first parade, watched the first parade and then watched hallowishes. After hallowishes, the second parade starts and the park starts to emtpy soon after. That’s when you can walk on everything and anything that is open.


You should do fine next Thursday night.
I will say that the selection of candy this year is not as robust as even last Halloween.


we thought it was way more crowded than last year (we were there on the 28th)! Overall, we were a bit disappointed this year (well…disappointed is a stronger word for it. i guess we just weren’t as wowed as last year). i’d chalk it up to sophomore blues - we had already done it, and it just didn’t seem as exciting and magical as the 1st time!

We had fun, and the parade and fireworks and castle show are awesome!! we saw snow white and all seven dwarfs, so that made it all worth it to me!! we also saw the evil step mother and step sisters from cinderella - they were basically running thru the park, not stopping anywhere,…kinda odd…but cool to see them for the 1st time!

even saying it was crowded, that was compared to the rest of our week, which was pretty empty. it was by far the busiest time we had at an park all week. even still…not that busy. we didn’t have to wait long for anything.


Sorry for the slight thread jack, but where is the best place to get a picture of the Headless horseman?? And what time does he appear??


Hmm…I really need to check to see if I can get tickets while I’m there, which includes Halloween. Anyone know if I’d be totally out of place if I’m not dressed up? I’m thinking about going as a whoopie cushion, though…


We went the first night and it didn’t seem to crowded at all, but it was pouring and a lot of people probably left, the most crowded part was the parade and that was only because the fireworks kept getting pushed to later because of the rain and the parade immediately followed it, none the less it was still really fun and probably would have been even better had it not poured for pretty much the whole party!


Actually, you would be totally out of place if you didn’t dress up. Everyone dresses up, EVEN the characters! :laugh:


He appears about 5 minutes before the parade steps off in Frontierland, provided it hasn’t poured rain and he’s safe to ride. Best place for a pic? Pick a place to watch the parade on Main Street. Then just aim your camera up Main Street. Gotta be quick though!


Thanks Rowdy. I think I am going to let Sharon use the digital camera, and I will use my old 35MM camera, to try and get the pics (auto winders work great).


we just got back Tuesday night- We went to the MNSSHP on Monday and it was fine. A little crowded in areas but only at Parade time- and after the 1st parade- it really clears out. (I think, anyway). The candy was great and they did have the free face painting again- I thought they were doing away with that… Had I known I would have gone to Toon Town earlier. i LOVE that party! We all agreed to bail on it this year since we were just there last year and my DH was the one who said let’s go!!! Well worth it to us!

Have fun!


Thursday seemed crowded, yesterday not so much. I put 100 or so photos up here: MouseSteps - Special Events

If anyone is interested -



In late September when we went it wasn’t very crowded it just seemed the same as usual!


Wow Denise! Those are terrific!!! Thank you so much for letting us see them. I am really psyched now to go to the party. I know my DS is gonna love it.


Wow those pics are GREAT! They seemed to have changed things up a bit from the last two years we went.

SO, we are going this year on Nov. 2 (YEP AFTER HALLOWEEN) has anyone gone to the last party of the year? Just wondering if they have any candy left! LOL! :blink:


We were there on 10/11. It was crowded, but not horrible. Instead of watching the fireworks, we went on HM, Snow White, Peter Pan and IASW during the show with only a minute or two wait. Six days into the trip the kids were willing to miss the fireworks and go on rides instead which worked perfectly for us!


I thought Thurs was much more crowded then Friday (which surprised me). I’m guessing because of the price difference, I don’t believe Friday had a discount for advance purchase. It seemed much emptier.

I’m glad you enjoyed the photos! It was a little different, but not overly so from previous years.



Oh - and I’ve never dressed up for the Halloween parties, and never felt out of place.



We went to 2 last week and did not think that either were really busy. We saw the villians show, saw the second parade each night, fireworks, went trick or treating nuts, and rode everything that was open.
If you can stay until the end of the party because almost everyone with small children leave after the second parade. It was so uncrowded that we did not even wait to ride dumbo. Also the candy is given out double handed at the end of the night and they gave out candy at the exit on the way out.