How crowded is Saturday in December?


We’re thinking about going for one day on December 10th. Being a Saturday, will it be very crowded? And how about a saturday in January of February? I am assuming that Christmas Day (Sunday) will be extremely crowded?



Saturdays in general are pretty crowded, especially during the holidays. I would wait until Jan. or Feb. unless you are willing to brave the crowds.


I’ll be there that day, but I will have had most of my fun during the weekdays leading up to that day. I tend to have lower expectations for Saturdays due to the larger crowds, but it still can be a lot of fun. :cool:

If you decide to go on the 10th, I suggest gathering fast passes as early and often as you can. Fast Passes can help squeeze in more rides on the busy days. I tend to hold them and use them up later in the day, but you know what works best for your situation.

Have fun, no matter when you go! :biggrin:


Pretty crowded but soooo worth it. The holidays are amazing at DL. We are going tomorrow.

January or February are hands down the best months to go in as far as crowds, though. I don’t know where you live though, but I just wanted to warn you that it gets very chilly at night during those months, so plan appropriately if you plan on staying late. Heavy jacket, gloves, etc. It can get down into the 40’s, sometimes the 30’s. It’s supposed to dip down into the high 30’s tomorrow night, so we’ll be bundling up.

People come to CA expecting year round sunshine, and it just aint’ so unfortunately!


Yea Saturdays are usually quite crowded during December with the holidays going on and such and they tend to get VERY crowded right now with the 50th going on.


I think the holiday atmosphere will be worth it busy or not. Come on, how could you have a terrible time?? It will be beautiful! Busy, but beautiful!


Oh I SO agree with you, I wasnt like dissing the holiday season, no matter how crowded it is you can NEVER have a bad time at DLR, especially during the holidays/50th anniversary! :smile:


I’m also going to be there on 12/10. With MK open until midnight, plus the Pop Warner football stuff going on, I have a feeling it’s going to be packed!!! Hopefully MVMCP on 12/8 will not be as crowded so we can get some stuff done then.


Whoops, I was talking about Fl.


I wish I was there NOW!!!

I just returned from my October trip and am now looking forward to my Christmas 2006 Reservation. Only 388 days to go!!!

Sniff Sniff. Where is the 300+ day thread!!!


Wow, the weather goes down to the 30s and 40s in Anaheim… Hehehe! That is all I get at the top end lately here! :wink: Brrrrrrr! Right now I am watching some slushy snow flakes fall at my house… In a little more than a day I’ll be watching snow at DL, so the crowds had better make room for me, because I am coming through! :tongue:

This time of year is also pretty awesome because pretty much every ride is up and running! The early part of the year is great for smaller crowds, but some rides are down for maintenance or changes (PotC). And this is the beautiful holiday season! :biggrin:


Most rides are up and running but do take note, alot of the shops and such are not in operation at the time because managment and CM’s are having some major issues right now, DLR is actually now hiring, lets hope all gets better between the two and quick! But yes, just about every ride is open and DCA’s newest to come ride Monsters Inc - Mike and Suley to the Rescue might have soft openings at the end of this month, isnt that exciting?!? And Disney finally finished the animation building in DCA and finally turned the waves back on in Paradise Bay, you’ll also be amazed by how much Disney went out for DCA with x-mas this year, boy the new DLR managment is awesome, their really starting to pull DCA out of the gutter, and boy the new upcoming plans for DCA whew I better calm myself down, im getting myself all over worked and excitied, lol :tongue:


Anaheimboy, I am with ya’ on the new management! Very nice change for the better! And it is exciting! Lots of things are in the works, and that has not happened for at least a while (excepting when DCA was under construction)! :biggrin:

I have been following some of the labor issues too, and that mess is a bummer for the cast members and for guests. I am glad we are going down for a whole week, so I wont be so bummed about some of the shop having reduced hours and such. :pinch:

Maybe you should join the cast? DC can always use another “insider”! :wink: But, I guess you live close enough to be and “insider” anyways! :tongue:


Hey I just might get a job there this summer working on Main Street if their highering, If I could work there now Id LOVE to, but do to school thats not going to happen.
Yea, Im SO happy about all of the good things that are happening and that are to come. I also cant wait until they re-theme DCA and redo many of the areas and add on a new section and add on to TOT. Most dont know about the re-theming of DCA but I couldnt resist saying it, all of the cool things happening and things that are going to happen are SO exciting!! :smile:


What do you know about the redo? I haven’t heard much about it.


We went tonight and didn’t notice any shops closed…and it was soooo crowded. The fireworks were cancelled due to “winds at higher elevations” (not a lick of wind as far as I was concerned but they were sending up ballons) but they did do the snow (since thousands of people were just standing there), but still, kind of a bummer. We also missed the Christmas parade because they ended them early because of the Candlelight Processional, which we also didn’t expect. So we were kind of bummed. We did do HM Holiday and Small World Holiday, and the lines actually weren’t too bad.

What’s going on with the CMs? Dh left about 3 months ago and at least until he left, there was nothing going on in his area at least. I asked him after I saw your post and he said that he hadn’t heard anything.

They changed the fritters on me at the Gumbo place in New Orleans Square…how dare they! They are like popovers now and I’m sad!

And cold? Yes, it was pretty nippy. We didn’t mind though - we bundled up.


Yea its too bad about the fireworks being cancelled, darn Santa Anna winds! And about the CM’s, Im not sure what exactly is going on, I think it has something to do with long hours but there has been turmoil between managment and the CM’s.


Well one thing I do know they want to do is completely tear out the desert looking theme in Condor Flats (the area where Soarin over CA is) and they want to push the forest theme from Grizzly Run all the way down to there because people like the forest theme better. They plan on making our TOT like WDW’s where every drop sequence is different and where the elevator leaves the shaft. They also want to tear out the sun fountain and the Golden Dreams theater and put the theater near the entrance and make it a much more classy look, I think this might look good. They also want to/plan on tearing out the Farm area near Tough to be a Bug, their finally noticing this is just dead space and then they want to turn the “San Francisco” facades into shops and that sort. Also they want to either A- add onto HPB and put in a new E ticket or B- Add onto PP and put in a new ride or C- Completely make a whole new land of its own, the parking lot area behing PP and HPB is where they would expand for those of you who didnt know. Ive also heard they want to/plan on totally trashing the California theme/California Adventure name and re-doing everything in the park so it would fit with the new theme of a “new” park. I guess well see what happens.