How Crowded the Week of April 2nd?


Any idea how crowded the parks will be the week of April 2nd (next week)? It looks like you can barely get a hotel room in the area! :eek:


You are right in the middle of spring and easter school breaks.


I would go with “ridiculously crowded”. :eek:


VERY!! Not a week I would prefer to be there…


This year? or in general? The week leading up to Easter is always miserable, no matter when Easter falls.


Easter week is a peak season week, higher than summer weeks.


It’s going to be so crowded, that they are already changing the park hours to be even later than they were. They had all the parks opened later than listed last night and anticipate that happening all this weekend and next week…so, to answer your question, pretty dang crowded. That being said, it’s nothing that a seasoned, trained WDW park touring machine can’t handle. Do EMH in the morning, leave the parks by one for a break…do shows and walk on at night blah blah


Let me put it this way, every day this past week they have extended the park hours. Almost 60K every day at MK. VERY BUSY TIME. And all the way up to Easter, it’s going to grow!

Hope we’re not scaring you :tongue:


A crowded day at Disney World is better than no day at Disney World.


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I’m not so sure if I’d go if I didn’t already have solid plans.
We’ve been in WDW just before Easter and it’s no fun unless you’re just going to stop and smell the flowers in Epcot.


I kind of agree with you. Frankly, I wish I could visit WDW enough so that I could enjoy a day where the attractions were second to just walking around taking things in.

If it didn’t cost so much, I’d go the week of Christmas just to experience it once. No expectations to get on any attractions, just looking at the details.

When I took one of the behind-the-scenes tours 4 years ago, we walked MainStreet. Our CM pointed out all the second floor windows, and noted that each name up there represented key people in the Disney legacy. I hadn’t even noticed the names before that.

Believe it or not, my “Bathroom” trip report from 5 years ago really had me looking at WDW differently…and I have a new idea for this trip!


What now…garbage cans and dumpsters? Storm sewers?


I’m sorry, you will just have to wait and see!