How Cute is This!


I don’t collect pins but I thought this was so cute. It releases on Thursday.

Precious Moments - Boy and Girl on Bench


I love it! I am trying desperately to sway DD to pin trade in August even though she swares she’s over it.


She may get down there, and the fever may overtake her… Don’t swear it off yet.


Yes very cute! My DD just stared pin trading last year. It’s really cool, I love the ineraction with everyone. Just another thing we have become addicted to when in comes to WDW:laugh:.


That is so cute! I don’t do pin collecting either, but I love that one!


I love that one- I’m not a collector either although I do buy a pin now and then if I really like the design and I do love that one.


Let me know if she is…:ph34r:


I most definately will. I want her to attend the pin trading event…it sounds cool. If we go, I am CERTAIN there are a few pins a certain do-nutty woudln’t mind getting her paws on that I would love to get for her.:heart:


The Pin Event is awesome! Registration goes a little slow but its lots of fun and if you do go let me know I will send my adopted niece some traders!:cool: