How did the free dining work?


How did it work, if you find out in April do you need to know right away where you want to eat so you can get ADR’s ? I imagion that alot of people start makeing their ADR’s right away. And exactly what do you get on the FREE dining plan? How many table, counters, and snacks per day? and does it include everyone in your party?


You get the regular dining plan. 1 counter, 1 table, 1 snack per day per person in your party. It is wonderful, you get plenty of food. You need to make your ADR’s in advance because things fill up quickly with all the people getting the dining plan for free.


i’d make the adr’s right at your 180 mark, even if they haven’t announced free dining yet…that way you get what you want. if they don’t do free dining, and you decide you can’t swing it then cancel all/some. just please remember to cancel, so you aren’t holding an adr that you won’t use. if you don’t do it right at 180 days, you risk not getting what you want!


Ar ethey still offering it? I think that free dining could actually swing the budget enough that we can work in a trip this year!!!


We don’t know yet, I wish they would just go ahead and announce it. I am impatient.



I hope we hear something soon!


This year’s edition of the plan might not be too much food and will cost you more out of pocket regardless.
The appetizer has been dropped from the table service meals and guest are now responsible for their paying their own tips. Additionally, your bill now shows suggested tips at 15% and 18% (or was that 18% and 20%). This is on the total before tax.
Also, I’m not so sure I want to go in September anymore. It’s still too hot. At least in October, there is the chance the first cold fronts have come and the temps have fallen a few degrees. As free dining has only been offered in late August and the month of September, you can see where I’m going with this. Cooler weather trumps free food.


I’d rather have the free food. Saves my $5-600. I hope they offer it soon so I can figure out what I need to do…


I love that Disney does this and I really hope that they continue to do it! I have never been able to take advantage of it but I am dying to!!


does it still include desset? id rather if they gave you the choice of free dessert or appy. as for the tip im torn on this… we only had one really bad server.if they offer it we are going to go towards the end of it for our annniversary unless we can swing the trip to Ireland. september is hot but frr food would let us go twice next year instead of once.


I just want to clarify…these are only ‘suggested’ tips right? I assume that most people will pay them without question, but DH and I are sticklers when it comes to tipping-based-on-service. (Which also means we love to be generous when the service is good!) There is NO WAY I would even consider the dining plan if the 18% gratuities were mandatory.


Our other problem with the timing is our anniversary is in October and we used to celebrate our anniversary at WDW (and Universal). Going for free dining and working in the Halloween events in September means going in late September and two major trips inside of 3 weeks is a bit much for anyone!
Also, we’re members of DDE, so we save 20% on all meals anyway and with the added responsibility of the tip on the dining plan and the lack of appetizer, there isn’t as much of a savings with “free” dining as there used to be.


We have already secured our free dining for Sept. We booked while we were there Sept. '07 and were offered a bounce-back option.

I will always take advantage of free dining if offered. Sept. is our favorite time to go. It can be hot, but free dining and really low crowds trump the heat.

I hope they offer it again. My mom is considering joining us if they offer it.


Yes, these are only suggested tips.
There has been another change. This applies to DDE members. As of Jan 2, an 18% tip is automatically added to your bill. Of course, you also get 20% off and the tip is based on the pretax prediscount total. When I tip, unless there were glaring errors or problems, I do lazy math and tip 20% on the after tax total, which translates to a slightly bigger tip every time.


I’m glad they are only suggested. I can’t imagine being forced the pay the same size tip to any server, no matter the service.