How did you determine that DVC Membership made sense for you?


Membership in the Disney Vacation Club is not for everyone. I consider it a luxury purchase. Some people decide to become DVC members while others don’t.

[B]How did you determine that DVC made sense for your family? [/B]

Here is the criteria I used back when I made my decision:

[li]The cost of membership and dues did not appear to present a financial hardship.
[/li][li]I vacationed at Walt Disney World frequently: ideally at least once every two years.
[/li][li]I planned to continue vacationing at Disney World far enough into the future to make the membership at least break even.
[/li][li]I preferred to stay in Deluxe accommodations and I typically spend a good amount of time enjoying the resort and its ameneties
[/li][li]I am able to plan my vacations well in advance (i.e., at least 11 months out)
[/li][li]I can do without daily mousekeeping (of course, you can pay extra and get mousekeeping as a DVC member).
[/li][li]I desired more space than a typical resort room (such as a 1 bedroom villa, with full kitchen, separate living room, whirlpool tub, and even a washer/dryer).
[/li][li]I wasn’t looking at DVC as any sort of financial investment or a way to make money (it’s not).
[/li][/ul]I knew that DVC wasn’t going to be the least expensive way to visit WDW (I could staying offsite and only eat offsite if I wanted that). However, it has turned out to be a lot cheaper than staying at the Deluxe resorts year after year.

Beyond just the financial considerations, I knew that DVC membership was going to be emotionally satisfying as well (I “own a piece of the magic”), and it gives me a reason to take a vacation at WDW.

As it turned out, I am pleased with my decision and I remain a happy DVC member!

[B][I]How 'bout you? Why did you join?[/I][/B]


[QUOTE=DVC Mike;923671]

How 'bout you? Why did you join?[/QUOTE]

Reasons why I bought into DVC:

-DH & I moved from Florida to NJ & we still had intentions to visit WDW as much as we did as Florida residents (or as much as financially possible). After two years of ‘commuting long distance from NJ to WDW’ (maybe 3-4 trips in 2 & 1/2 years) we realized “Oh my gosh, the amount we spent in 2 & 1/2 years on going to WDW the conventional way could have PAID for a DVC membership… CASH!” We could have had 50 YEARS of trips with that cash we spent in 2 & 1/2 years on hotels, tickets, etc.

-It brings our now ‘seperated by miles’ family closer together. Everytime we take a DVC trip Daniel’s parents, sisters, his baby neice, etc. come to visit us & we spend time in the most Magical Place on Earth together as a family. Otherwise we may not see them as much; it’s one thing we have in common with the rest of his family, a love for Disney.

  • It’s just “our thing.” Neither of us have a car payment or any big huge financial holdbacks, we both have full-time jobs, we don’t have children to worry about taking out of school or affording for them to go, etc… If we want to jump a plane to WDW or DL tomorrow then SO BE IT!! :laugh:

  • I like getting $100 off of my annual pass (it makes me feel like I am still getting that Florida resident discount I used to get :laugh:), I like the other perks like merch. & food discounts, party ticket discounts, attraction previews, a community of other DVC members, doing my vacation laundry for free :laugh:, having that awesome Member Clubhouse with all the goodies in it, access to special parties like “Summer Block Party” & the “Merry Member Mixer” (which I’ve yet to attend), and I like having more personal service like I feel I’ve been given through Member Services.

  • I also was just done with staying at the value resorts like we did so much as Florida Residents. I was ready to be upgraded for good! :happy:


We enjoy Disney and we knew it was a good deal from my (Mark) husband’s aunt and uncle who joined OKW when they first opened. We learned from them. I like the fact that it forces us to think about vacation and take one. You easily get caught up in life and forget to enjoy it. I so enjoy the planning of a WDW trip.


Oooo yeah, I’ve never had that problem. :laugh:


Well, even though my g/f is 21 and I am 20 and have been going out for a while. we decided that we knew that we were

  • the fact that we knew we were going to go to disney at the least 2 entire weeks(7nights, 8days each stay) we started by staying off-property and then we started talking to a random family on the bus from HS to DTD and they were telling us how disney transportation is so much better than driving around after a long day at the park. so we decided to stay on-property the next trip at Pop Century(which has an amazing theme) and we never went back to staying off-property. but, then we got into pin trading and started hunting pins in the moderate, and deluxe resorts and we fell in love with them but not the price tag! now, I don’t remember but I went to disney with my brother and his wife when I was 4 and we stayed in port orleans for $90 a night according to what my brother told me. and if that was 16yrs ago and now its to like $300 a night I think thats a pretty big inflation. lol! sorry getting off track.

  • the fact that it was pre-purchasing vacation time for the future.

  • buying hotel stays at a BETTER HOTEL at today’s rate not a future rate.

  • the fact that we were spending about $1500 a year.

and just MANY MORE reasons.


We were always “value” type people and for a “run around to the parks, just need a place to sleep” trip, that always worked. But now we are a bit older and although we still run out to the parks, it’s nice not having to deal with food courts for a cup of coffee, being able to stay at some resorts where we don’t have to worry about buses all the time, being able to have a room to relax in not just to sleep, just a step up all around. Most of the contracts will not be used by us, but by our kids and future grandkids. It nice knowing 30 yrs down the road, my DGD will be taking her child to WDW and we started it for them.


I knew it was a good decision to buy into DVC a long time before my husband did. It just made sense for us since we loved visiting WDW and we knew we would for years to come, especially since we have two young children (5 and 4 months).

My husband on the other hand needed someone else to explain the benefits to him. All it took was going to an Open House while we were in WDW last June for him to be “sold”. Our DVC rep explained about just the resort taxes alone how much we spend vacationing and with that my DH was SOLD!

Plus my DH hated staying in the values!

Although I have yet to use our DVC (first time will be with our developer points at SSR in May) I know we will enjoy it!!


Great thread!

For us, it was just math. We knew we wanted to go on vacation every year, probably at WDW but sometimes other places. And we wanted to stay in a nice room on property. When you figure that fees are only about $1000 a year for us, compared to the $4000 it would cost to pay for the room, well… 'nuff said.

That $3000 difference erases the lump payment in just 5 trips, and then we vacation for $1000 till the end of time. Or at least 32 years.

Think about it this way – DH and I will likely have grandkids in 10 or 12 years, and we will perhaps be retired or on a reduced income. Hainv that $1000 vacation is a great way we can take the grandkids to WDW each year without brekaing the bank!


Oh and PS – DH and I are having a luxury weekend at The Sagamore using DVC points to have a second honeymoon. That alone would have cost us $1000 without those points.


I took the amount of times we went in the last 10 years and then how frustrated I was in having to pay for two rooms each time because we have a family of 6. We stayed once at AKL and we loved the quality but the room size was just so small that we had to make a choice. We were offered a great deal and so for my birthday we made the jump. When we went in May it was such an amazing change that we were so happy with our choice. I wont lie to say that when Ed was laid off it was something of a luxury that we were convinced that we had to give up- but it eventually turned into something of hope which we decided to keep regardless. Its our goal now to get back (we are really hoping to do it by teh end of April) - We bought enough points for one week at a two bed during the week that we normally go- I just wish that our circumstances were different and we could have paid it off by now as we had planned.


[QUOTE=momofaprincess;923779]Plus my DH hated staying in the values!

Although I have yet to use our DVC (first time will be with our developer points at SSR in May) I know we will enjoy it!![/QUOTE]

I have to say that I hate the value resorts also ,even though they do their job! but my g/f loved them.

same situation for me too but if anything I am going in Feb and will write a TR and take A LOT of pics of SSR so that you can see how it looks


Two words.

I’m spoiled.

No, really, it’s true.:happy: I whined and cried and whined some more, and sighed a lot, and then whined again - and after 2 years my dh gave in.

Truth is - we like our comforts. We know we average at least 10 to 14 days a year at WDW and I don’t think I could spend that amount of time in one hotel room. Funny thing is, my dh has turned out to be more fussy than me about accomodations. I’d be happy with a one bedroom - but if our kids are with us, he insists on 2. It’s just nicer to have a kitchen and a washer/dryer, and separate rooms to retire to at the end of the day. And - like JoJo said - it’s the gift that keeps giving. Our kids will enjoy it for years to come.

And having membership in both DVC and Interval has allowed us to have some great vacations in Europe, with accomodations that would have been WAAAY out of reach for us.


Can I add one more thing?

Even though we have stayed in lovely off-site resorts (Vistana, Marriott Cypress Harbour, Marriott Royal Palms), it is WAY better to stay on property… And there is really no cost-effective way to get a villa on property without DVC.

We paid package prices for a 1br at BWV many years ago, and it was HIGH!


The Sagamore, in Lake George?


My reason is simple math & a love for Disney.

Like Wish, we paid more for our vacations over 3 years before joining dvc than the membership would have cost in full! We went 4 times in 3 years, and even that wasn’t enough for me!

When we got married there in May of 07, I knew I would be continuing to come back every year moving forward - I need a Disney fix at least once a year, and even that is not enough.

Its my “happy place”, and we had the means to do it - so we took the plunge before we had children b/c we can afford it now. Who knows what the future will bring.

Now I know I can always go.

And how else would we ever afford to book a Grand Villa and take the whole family?

So many memories to be made :slight_smile: