How different (or similar) is the milder Mission:Space from the original?


Hi! I’ve ridden the original Mission:Space a few times, but the last time it made me feel rather sick. I’m heading down next month, and am curious about the milder version. What’s it like? Is it as fun? Or is it a waste of time?


I can’t tell you from experience, but I have heard that the milder version is GREAT!!! Supposedly it doesn’t take away from the original experience…except for the nausea :blow: . I am DEFINITELY checking it out in December!


We did the milder version in May and loved it. It was like Star Tours, all of the bumps but none of the stuff that makes you sick.


I plan on trying it tomorrow, so I’ll try to get back to you with a comparison!


That’s cool. I didn’t realize it still moved, but left out the G-forces. I might actually really enjoy that! I thought you just watched the video and sat completely still…that sounded like snoozeville. :sleeping:


We’ve done both versions many times. I prefer the milder version, and the only difference that I notice is that I feel fine after riding. The original version of MS always left me feeling bad- either dizzy, headache, or just not well.


Me too. I love the ride, but the original version always left me feeling a little lightheaded. :wacko: Not something I wanted to do very often.


Mmmmm…sounds like I might give this a go now. I had made up my mind not to try it but it sounds fine now.


Exactly what I was thinking. Sounds like fun without the nasty after-effects. :laugh:


The milder version is all of the fun without getting sick.(Gary Sinese can be my captain anytime!!!)


I really am glad I did this ride ONCE… and it was everything I have always wanted space travel to be… but I didn’t feel great for quite awhile afterward… it took a lot of water, fresh air and walking to clear my head! I am really glad they did the milder option… but I was wondering how it affects the lines and wait time?


Done them both. Still say the original is MUCH better. The milder is good and fun for those easily sick but nothing beats the stretch of your face from all those G-forces.


Is there a height restriction on the milder version?

BTW, I’ve posted before that I was on a bus with a CM who rode the original twice with Astronaut John Glenn. Glenn said it was as close to the real thing a person can get.


Maybe we can try it this year. My DH and I didn’t ride MS last time, we are just a little too prone to vertigo to try it. It sounds like the new one should be pretty cool. I would still love to try the original, but I don’t think it is worth spending the rest of the day upchuckin’


Glad I’m not the only one!!! :laugh: I had no idea he was in the pre-film the 1st time I rode M:S. The film came on and I practically screamed "Gary! :heart: Let me just say - my friend Matt standing next to me was not terribly thrilled (but the crazy boy didn’t even know who Gary Sinese was!


Thought I’d asked again in case it got missed.


I didn’t notice that there was a difference between the two when we were there in May. However, the milder version had just started then. All Ears is still reporting 44 inches.