How do I find out if my Park hopper pass still valid


Can anyone tell me how to find out if my park hopper is still valid.


I think you have to actually go to the park to check it. Now that they have the finger scan… I don’t think they can run the numbers. When did you purchase it? They also are valid 15 days unless you purchase the “no expiration” option. Did you do that?


When did the no expiration park hoppers take effect?


I believe that it was 2005, but I’m sure someone here knows for sure. What is printed on your ticket?


I think you can exchange old media and “upgrade” it if you bought it before the changes went in effect. But you would have to call Guest Relations… I am sure you could use the search button or someone in the know can link you to it :O)

I was told that you cannot find out days on a parkhopper unless you are physically at the parks now.
Can anyone verify this?



there is a phone number… I just have to find it…


can’t find the numbr but I am looking.


We were told you can check at any resorts Concierge desk, or at Guest relations at any of the parks. They are not supposed to tell you over the phone, but I have heard of it being done in the past. The computer system they use at the resort only tells them how many times you have used your pass, they do not differentiate between park visits and extra visits (Waterpark, Disney Quest), etc. The computer systems in the parks are able to do that.

If you have the old paper tickets (Park Hoppers), they never expire. When Disney started the Magic Your Way passes I think about 2 or 3 years ago, you had to purchase in the first 14 days the NO Expiration Option. Without that, they are worthless after 2 weeks.

In July '07, we upgraded a 3 year old ticket that was of the old “Park Hopper” variety from a 4 day Park Hopper to a 5 day Magic Your Way Ticket. The CM made sure that I knew that if we did not purchase the NO EXPIRATION option, the card would have no value 2 weeks after it had been activated. Even though it had once been a Never Expiring Park Hopper.

If memory serves me these older tickets had pictures of one of the main Disney Characters on them. If I have lost you, send me a PM and I will try to explain in more detail.


Thanks everyone I found out by calling, that the park hopper tickets that were purchased are still valid. The tickets were purchased in 2000. So they are still valid. If you have the ticket in hand they can look it up for you.

Thanks again.


Yep, we bought a park hopper in 2003 from the Disney Store for my MIL and she only used 2 days on it. It never expires.


Who’d you call? I just called the 1-877 number and they said they can’t do it?


Not sure my sister in law called the 407 disney number. When were your tickets purchased?