How do I get a pic of my family in front of the castle with Mickey?


I always see such nice pics of families with Mickey in front of the castle. How do I get one of myself and my family? Or is it reserved for “special people?” I really really really want one on our next trip.


Remy, if i remember right I have read something somewhere at some time that supposedly right when the park opens they are sometimes on main street sometime not sure but the best bet would be is to as soon as you get there is to ask one of the photographer cm about it and see if they may be able to help you out. I know how you feel I really hope for that also. It ranks right up there with getting picked to be in a parade.


I always see pics like this with celecraties families-i just hope u don’t haver to be a celeb to have this oppertunity. I am not sure when the park opens the characters at the front entrance give photo opps. I am sure someone here knows for certain.


To be honest, in all my years I have never seen Mickey Mouse doing meet & greets in front of the castle. If he appears early in the morning anywhere on Main Street it’s usually closer to the entrance of Main Street, right after you pass under the train tunnels. That’s been my experience anyway. The only photos I have ever seen of guests with Mickey in front of the castle has either been press or promotional photos.

Although, as part of the new “What Will You Celebrate” promo, I believe there is an option that allows you to actually hire a professional Disney photographer to follow your family around and take great shots. I also know you can ‘hire’ a character to appear for about $800 for 30 minutes but I think that’s for private appearances away from the public.

Unfortunately, I think you’re either going to have to get a great photo program to merge two photos or settle for meeting the big guy in official meet & greet locations. :smile:

I could be wrong, maybe someone like RowdyRaider or Vlogilvie would know better!


I’ve really never seen the type of meet and greet in front of the castle that produces the pictures I see in ads. In 2003 Chip and Dale were in an area in front of the castle but you wouldn’t really get a good picture of the castle behind you because of where they were standing. There’s always a line to have a family picture taken right in front of the castle but no characters. The characters are usually in the area in front of the train station.


I’ve only ever seen Mickey, family and castle in ads, never just available to all. There are photo pass photographers to take pics of families in front of the castle but no characters are included (not as I am aware anyhow)


I agree with the others Remy. I think Mickey and Minnie with photos in front of the castle are usually promo shots for something. I have never in all my years of going there seen Mickey and Minnie doing shots for everyone or anyone. Sorry to diasppoint. You can get some cracking shots though of the family if you book a breakfast at the magic kingdom for before the park opens. You are let through earlier ( by giving your reservation number for the restaurant) and there is barely a soul there at that time. Some of our most perfect shots have done this way.


Ditto with the promos and ads, thats the only time I’ve ever seen Mickey in the front of the Castle with anyone.

But I do agree, that would be such a special treat to have a family photo in front of the castle with MICKEY<3


The only way to do it is to take it during a castle show. Make sure you are nice and close to the castle, and when they (M&M) are on stage, pose and be ready. There are a few times when they come close together and you can snap it then. You’ll be in the foreground, them in the background, but it might make for a good shot?

Other then that, I agree with everyone else, I’ve never seen characters near the castle for photo shoots. I know at HS, they have meet and greets around the hat hub area . . . but not a MK.


When we were there in Feb. 07 there was going to be a show in front of the castle. The show was cancelled due to the stage being wet and they did not want any CM’s get hurt due to it being slippery. So they had M & M on one side and G & D on the other side taking pic’s. We were lucky to be up front for the show when it was cancelled and was able to get our pic’s taken. That is the only time I have seen it happen.


I saw a group of people in the gardens near Tommorowland getting photo’s with Mickey, and by the location it would look perfect, with the castle in clear view. But I’m not sure about families getting photo’s infront of the castle (with Mickey).


I saw Mickey and Minnie doing a regular old character meet and greet in the rose garden off to the side of the castle towards Tomorrowland last summer. I only saw it once and the line was HUGE. We didn’t feel like sticking it out though. I’ve only seen that once but it was a pretty cool view. We also saw Goofy there in 04 and we have a great picture with him.
I used to have those pics on my computer but I don’t anymore or I’d post it.


Well… back in 2001/2002, when they had the Cinderellabration (if I recall correctly), all of the characters ran out afterwards for meet and greets, and Mickey and Minnie were always right in front of the castle - so close that you couldn’t get a picture with the complete castle in the background (not to mention Mickey and Minnie were the most popular and most difficult to get).


Here I come to the rescue! Sorry guys, but it is EXTREMELY rare circumstance to get a pic with Mickey in front of the Castle. All the reasons have been listed. The pics taken with Mickey in front of the Castle are from any of the following reasons:

A. A commercial or photo shoot
B. DAWM was cancelled and the characters come down in front of the stage for pictures
C. A special event where Mickey was hired by a group, party or organization.

Even when we do special meet and greets with the characters after a show of DAWM, it only takes place inside the Castle gate and not in front of the castle. Mickey hasn’t done sets in front of the castle since Cinderella’s Surprise Celebration show. Your best, and practically ONLY chance at this time is to just pray for Castle show to be down and they come down in front and do pictures.


I thought we all said that? :confused:


I was very fortunate in 2001 to be walking up for rope frop with my DS who was 3 at the time when Mickey was just coming out in fronto f the castle. We got to have our pictures taken with both Mickey and Minnie in front of the castle. It was one of my favorite pictures from that trip. Every year since, I look to see if Mickey and Minnie are there, but have not been that fortunate since.


Now I am really bumed! I thought I just missed specfic times that are set during the week to get our pic.

Thanks guys for all the response, even though it was NOT what I wanted to hear:(

Congrats on all of you you were fortunate enough to get a pic with M&M.


[QUOTE=Remy;946449]Now I am really bumed! I thought I just missed specfic times that are set during the week to get our pic.

Thanks guys for all the response, even though it was NOT what I wanted to hear:(

Congrats on all of you you were fortunate enough to get a pic with M&M.[/QUOTE]

Seriously though, make it a habit to check out the rose garden near Tomorrowland. It’s not directly in front of the castle but you get the entire castle background in the picture. And all the pretty gardens. You might get lucky.


Photoshop could be an option. Really.


Yeah but nobody gave it an official confirmation. :wink: