How do I get a recipe from Food & Wine Festival?


I want the recipe for something yummy I ate at the Argentina Booth! It was some kind of beef skewer with chimichurri sauce and some sort of potato. It was SOOooOOoOO freaking good!


is it here?

Disney Recipes


Yes!!! Thank yoU!


no, thank you - now I know 1 can’t be missed item for our trip :slight_smile:


Yeah, it was really good. I also loved the Godiva Chocolate liquer iced coffee from Belgium! Yum yum!
and there was some drink I had made with Leblon - Can’t remember the country - Yummiest drink, EVER!


ever? ok, I need to know where/what it is…

who else has had this? 9 days til I leave…you have time to remember!!


I’ll look at the map tonight and tell you exactly where it came from!


That beef skewer was super yummy!

My favorites this year were the Parisian Cosmo and the Belgian Waffle. I had 3. Ooops.


•LeBlon frozen cocktail Frozen Caipirinha $7.50

^^^ That’s the cocktail I had that was my favorite. It really was SO yummy that I might go back this weekend for another one. :laugh:

I tried this one:

•Xante Sunshine $7.25

It didn’t taste like any sunshine I’ve ever had. :frowning:

It tasted like medicine. I gave it to BF.


ok, LeBlon not Xante. Got it! Thanks!!


The Hawaiian pork slider and the ribeye tacos in Mexico are great too.


Yeah, I think I’m gonna try that this weekend! :happy:


and that Creme Brulee au Chocolat thingie.


omg that is soooo good. I wish France would sell it year round.


I can’t wait to eat it. LOL.