How do I get from POP to hoop de doo?


Have reservations the first night we arrive, but can’t seem to figure out how to get there. If I stay at POP, do I take a bus to a park then to Fort?


We usually take the bus to MK… take the boat to Wilderness Lodge… browse around at the lodge… then take the boat over to Fort Wilderness. You can always bypass WL… and go straight to FW.


Besides the boat, your other choices are bus to DTD and change for a bus to Fort Wilderness, bus to one of the other parks and change for Fort Wilderness, or bus to MK and change for the bus to Fort Wilderness.
There is no direct bus route from resort to resort.
Your return could be much more difficult, depending on the time and what parks are open. Your most likely route back will be to change at DTD for the Pop.


If you get out to the bus stop (the one next to HDD) quickly after the show there are resort buses waiting to take you back to your resort. They don’t wait around long so you have to hurry out but they are there. Double check with a CM when you check in as you arrive but they’ve always been there when we’ve attended the show.


Never having done Hoop De Doo, I didn’t know this, but it does make sense if you’ve got a couple hundred guests that need to get back to their own hotels.
Definitely double check with the CMs about this. I’d suggest asking a bus driver as well, but I’ve heard bus drivers tell guests at the Contemporary that the bus to Epcot would be along directly, when there is no bus service to Epcot from any monorail resort. Not when there’s monorails running more often than buses. I mean to say, there are bus drivers that have no clue about the rest of the system and will still give you an answer, no matter how wrong they might be.


Soundgod: so sad, but so true…

Yes there are busses that will take you back to your resort after the show, but double check with concierge at your hotel to see if there is a bus that will take you there directly. I don’t think it’s a guarantee as to why it’s not publized more.
For POP I would suggest going to studios, it’s the easy and on the way stop. When you get on, ask the driver if it’s possible to make his next stop fort wilderness. (and the studios bus drops off in the back near the hoop de doo, so you don’t have to transfer to an internal bus). If the driver say no, simply get off and get on the FtW bus.

I was staying at pop with my mom and handicap brother. We were going to WL to whispering canyon. We hoped on Studios cause it was the least crowded and first to pull up, we got lucky and his next stop was WL. When we returned it was late and had to go to DTD, when we got on we asked, so he radioed in and got us back to our resort without getting off.
It never hurts to ask, you never know who you’re going to find.


You have to be very careful with this strategy. Disney Transport dynamically dispatches their buses. Sometimes the bus will stay on the route it’s already on, that is, back to your own resort(s) that you just came from. There are other times that they arrive at the park and they are told to run a different route. Pop and WL/FW are not part of the same route, you got very very lucky. There are times that they can call and make a special run just for you, or a few people, those buses generally become “Mickey Mouse” destination buses.


We are staying at SSR and trying to figure out the same thing!! From my estimations it would be best to get to the MK and take the nice boat ride to FW. If you take the boat from Wilderness Lodge or the MK it’s bring you to the boat dock RIGHT next to Pioneer Hall where Hoop Dee Doo is located. Even if you take a cab the cabs MUST drop you off at the FRONT of Fort Wilderness and you’d still have to take an internal bus to the back of the place. Poineer Hall is located in an area where NO vehicles (besides rented golf carts & bikes) are allowed to be. There is a bus stop about 500 feet away but it only serves the FW buses, there is NO guest parking near there.


The busses are dispatched by park. There’s a group for animal kingdom (which then usually end up at DTD for the rest of the night), studios, epcot, mk, and DTD. When they pull up, they radio in which bus they are, then there’s a dispatcher that tells them which resort to go to next, then they return back to thier park. The station is generally close to the stops so they do it by how many people are in line and when the last one showed up. If you ask the driver, the driver will radio to the dispatcher on the way there to ask them.
Not always will it happen, especially at park closing time. But I think since it was slow and we had a wheelchair, it might’ve played a part in getting back to pop a little easier.


Wait a minute, I know it’s been a LONG time since staying at Fort Wilderness but don’t they have to transfer to the T&TC to get to some parks & locations?


No, I think all the transfers at T&TC stopped a couple of years ago.