How Do I Get From


We are staying at Port Orleans. and this kind of goes with my earlier post about making dinner reservations.

My question is how will I get from Port Orleans to say The Polynesian for Dinner?
Or the Wilderness Lodge?

Is it just one big bus loop? Or will there be a certain bus I need to take?

Thanks in advance.


I think the easiest way to get to the Poly would be to take the MK bus from PO and then transfer to the Resort Monorail at the MK. Also to get to WL, I’d take the same bus, then take the boat to WL from the MK. Allow lots of time for travel. You can never really judge how long it will take.


Try this link. It has a chart on how to :smile:


Whoa - I just took a look at that link - I think my eyes have permanently crossed. :wacko:


Here is another one. :smile:

Maybe easier on the eyes:tongue:


On Average, what is the expected time to get from one to the other.

Say My reservation at Wilderness Lodge was @ 7:00 PM.
What time would you say to be outside of my hotel “catching the next bus” ?


One more thing… Thanks for the Link Ready to go.
I dont need to print this do I?
This will be availible when I get there in a little handy brochure right ?


I would say 6:00 - 6:15 to be safe.

If you use the link it will give you times for travel. :smile:


There is one you can get from your resort at check-in. :smile:


There’s the transport wizard at Our Laughing Place

It’s mostly good, but there’s a bunch of short cuts that they don’t take into account. An equally good way to the Poly is to take a bus to the TTC and either walk or take the resort monorail to the Poly. During your trip, you do want to make note of how often TTC buses come to your resort. If they don’t have many or if you don’t want to wait longer, then go to the MK and pick up the resort monorail. Wilderness will be the same, bus to TTC or the park closest to your resort and change for a bus to Wilderness Lodge. What I try to do is schedule my day around my dining and try to never have to change buses, instead going to a park and then from that park to our meal and then back to a park so that we’ll be able to get back to our hotel without transfering through DTD or TTC. That second bus will cost you 20 extra minutes with a tired child.


I think on AVERAGE - you could consider 30 minutes to get to and from - but that could really depend on where you’re going…so, I don’t know for sure! LOL!

Jonesy is cute :wub:


I think they tell you to allow an hour…especially if going from resort to resort. I don’t think it has ever taken us that long, but better to be safe!


Again, the reason they tell you to allow an hour between resorts is that you will almost always have to transfer somewhere, and it’s usually 20 minutes for each leg of a trip. This is why it is so important to know the little short cuts that can save you time.


I agree, def. allow an hour at the least…
Another option that may take longer would be to take the boat from Port Orleans to Downtown Disney and then hope on the bus to either the Poly or WL…this could end up taking longer, but, depending on how long the line for the bus is to MK and the monorail/ferry line it could end up being shorter


Yeah I definitely say an hour. After all, if you end up getting there earlier, you can always browse in the shops. Both POL & WL have great shops, and are beautiful hotels (I’ve stayed at both). Walk around and take pictures!