How do I get the trip countdown


I am new to
So i will introduce myself. My name is bradley and my g/f’s name is Jackie I will be the 100% devotee to this account but we both love disney, disney pins, and really disney ANYTHING!!!

but i’ve been seeing that a lot of people have a trip countdown on their sig and i wanted to know how is it that I can get it to


Hi! And welcome to Mousebuzz!! We all love Disney here and look forward to your input!
You will be able to access your trip countdown once you have been a member for 90 days and have 100 posts.


Hi Bradley and Jackie and welcome to Mousebuzz, we look forward to hearing all your Disney adventures -


Welcome to MouseBuzz. You’ll have a countdown in no time, just jump in and have fun.


Hi you two. Welcome to MB.
Tell us more :biggrin:


Welcome Bradley and Jackie. Hope your stay here is full of everything you are looking for. When is your next trip. You can always post it in the Whos going thread. Just post your dates and where you will be staying. Dana is the one who will make sure it gets where it belongs.


Welcome to MB and as you’ve been told it will come soon and this is the place to get all your Disney questions answered


Welcome to you both!!


Welcome! You are going to :heart: it here! :happy:


Welcome to Mousebuzz! :happy:


Bradley, welcome to Mousebuzz. It won’t be long before you are able to add that countdown. Join in the fun and you’ll be there before you know it.


Welcome to MouseBuzz. Enjoy!!


Hi Bradley and welcome to Mousebuzz. When is your next Disney trip planned?