How Do I Include an IMAGE in my reply


I got it to work once before…


tell me too as I want to show Pumouse my stair rods and apparently it says ‘access denied’ why is that??? what did I do wrong??


Is the picture too large? You may have to go to “paint” and resize it.


nope, tiny

what’s the METHOD for including a picture?


When you post a reply “Go Advanced”

Then you’ll see a place where it says “Manage Attachments”

Click “Manage Attachments”, and then a pop up window will appear.

Click “Browse”

Find the image on your computer that you would like to attach.

Click “Open”

Click “Upload” on pop up window.

Viola! You’re done!

But - the image must be 400x400 to post.

Also, one image per post, or it will show as a link.


Yea…what she said… :laugh:

Also, just so y’all know… You can’t post pics in “Chit Chat.” So if that’s the forum you tried it in, that may be why it isn’t working…



You people, I swear… :nonono2:

Yeah… they pretty much said it all. :happy:


What the heck does “you people” mean? :eek:

Plus, you didn’t even tell me what the heck a stair rod is…


threadjackers! :tongue:


Get thee to Hijack. Maybe 2 pages back? It’s explained there.

Sorry! The administrator has specified that users can only post one message every 60 seconds. :fork_off:


ohhhhhhh that explains mine I think it is in chit chat-thanks for your help


oh and I got this from
Stair rod, a rod, usually of metal, for holding a stair carpet to its place.
mines decorative only, made of brass, with little acorn finials on each end ! :slight_smile:


sorry, question answered :huh: