How do I remove the caption under my picture?


Help… I cant figure it out… Im not the Tupperware lady anymore. .I need to change it…


in your user cp I believe its under you profile settings or something like that- I usually look around till I find where it has my old one and then put in the new one


Fixed it… Thanks…


How many posts/months do you need to be on MB before that is editable?


1500 :smile:


Thanks!! (adding to my posts!) hehe :laugh:


You are almost there!!


It should be in your user CP on the “Edit Profile” page…

in the second box named “Optional Information - All information will be viewable by other forum members”…

in a section named “Custom User Title”…

Enter new title then go to bottom of page and “Save Changes” :smile:


This might sound dumb but do you constantly keep your mousebuzz signed in? Meaning, when you come to Mousebuzz do you constantly have to log in or are you automatically sign in? If you are automatically signed in trying logging off and then logging in again. Sometimes that helps!


If that doesn’t work…
I just went to your Custom Profile (which you can see too bc you’re a mod.) and it doesn’t have you registered as over 1500 post. We can’t change it but maybe a Super Mod can or Mickey. It’s real simple and I can do it but it doesn’t save…so it doesn’t do any good!:laugh: