How do I use two tickets from 1990 not expired?


I have WDW passes that have 2 days left on each of them. How do I turn them into days now? Is there a number to call for help with this?


I think you just walk up to the turnstyles like you own them and go for it!


You would use them just like any other ticket.We also have old tickets we are going to use this trip.


If you feel uncomfortable about going right up to the turnstiles, which I don’t think would be a problem but you never know, stop at guest services first. Maybe they can transfer the left over days onto a conventional pass. Worth a try.


Guest Relations - you’ll need to trade them in.


If they are not expired then you shouldn’t have any problems using them . . . let us know how it goes. Good luck!


If they are the old style tickets that don’t have the magnetic strip you will need to trade them in at a ticket window before you can use them.

We have passes from 1993 and they are old style tickets so we’ll have to exchange them before we can use them so I’m guessing you will have to do the same.


How do they verify the “No expiration” feature on the older tickets? Is it printed on them or do you have to have your receipt, a confirmation number, or some such thing?


It’s part of what is coded in the magnetic strip. Your pass is read every time you use it going in the park.


If they are no expiration, then you can use them. But, like the others have said, you may have to trade them in for newer ones.

Remember the old paper book which held A-E tickets? When they changed the ticket system, we took our old tickets down there & traded them in for the new tickets. We had to go to guest relations to do it.


Thanks Teach!!


I have 1982 tickets from Epcot’s opening day with one day left, debating weather to use it or just leave it be! I have it stamped 10-1-1982 (Opening day!!!)


Wow! Opening day for Epcot! I wouldn’t use it! I mean, if you were allowed to keep the physical paper, then yeah, but if they would confiscate it, then no.


You could always ask if you could keep it.


No I got to keep the ticket, it was a commerative ticket. Actually I have 4 - I used the other three in 1987 - but they gave it back to me. (I got divorced in between! LOL)
So I have four of them all together but only one has day left.


Boy, everyone with un-used days? I could never have that much self control! Especially for that long LOL.
They would have been used immediately to justify the next trip- “But, I have one “free” day left, I only have to buy 6 more days!”

Maybe that seperates the severly addicited from those still with a rational mindset?


Tickets prior to 2005 Magic Your Way never expire. If you have an older tickets or paper ticket stop by Guest Relations at any park or DTD and they will be happy to issue you a new ticket. If you want to keep your paper tickets just ask they will let you keep them.


Although I am not this situation. Let’s say that the original poster wanted to apply the unused day to purchase a new multiple day pass. Would they apply the day 1 for 1 or would it just be the value of the day when the original ticket was purchased? For example (using made up purchase prices:

Original ticket was three days purchased for $30. It has one day left, so value of one day is $10.

New 3 day ticket costs $60 dollars so value of one day is $20

Would the original poster pay $50 ($60-$10) or $40 ($60-$20)?

I seem to recall several years reading that there were situations where the person would pay $50, so it was a better deal to use up the ticket and then buy a separate ticket for the remaining days.


Back in the day when WDW sold A,B,C,D,E ticket books, I had several left over. I put them away for future use. When, WDW changed to the current tickets, I took my old, unused tickets & WDW subtracted those tickets off the price of my new tickets.

Wouldn’t that be about the same thing as what you are saying, except your old tickets aren’t as old as mine were?