How do these ADR's sound


8/30 ESPN Zone
8/31 Toney’s Town Sq.
9/1 Cape May Cafe
9/2 Coral Reef
9/3 1900 Park Ave.
9/4 Liderty tree tavern
9/5 Sci-Fi
9/6 Capt. Jacks
9/7 Whispering Canyon
9/8 Back to Home cooking


I like your choices except for the last one

‘Back to home cooking’ is always such a sad choice :crying:


They sound perfect to me. I like your choices. You are going to eat well…that’s for sure.:heart:


That was’t one I chose.:blow:


I suppose not. those kind of meals are always forced upon us :laugh:


We try different places except for one or two of our favorites.


Love them!! Good choices!


CC – you chose well! Bring me some of those ESPN wings!!!


YUM - looks good to me!!


Everything looks good. Make sure to order a Tiramisu from Tony’s for me…it is YUM!:wub:


I think they look great, but like Dopey, I kind of wonder about that last one. Especially if you are the one that has to do the cooking!


:simba: It sounds like we did good. We will take your advice on things to try and we will bring you back some pic’s.


Sounds good to me… expect for the Back To Home Cooking… I would need a day to rest… pizza hut delivers


Sounds Great, I am getting hungry just thinking about them!!


Your choices look great!!


Your ADRs sound great!


We’ve done WC and it was fun (and good)! We do LTT pretty much every trip now (a tradition) and we enjoy it. And we’re doing CR this year for the first time–to eat fish among the fishes!:biggrin:


WC & 1900 Park Ave 2 favorites of our’s.


Sounds great…except for the “back to home cooking” part…:wink:


No comment my wifes in the room.:wacko: