How do these look?


I am so excited- I made my ADR’s for June!!! We have never done the DDP before so this was fun to plan!! I want honest opinions- I had a hard time deciding whether to have a big meal in the middle of the day to avoid some of the heat or to do them later. I chose later because I figure to beat the heat we will do the waterparks or swim at the hotel. We are going the end of June.
Sunday- arrival day— LTT at 515p
MondAY–Donald’s Safari Breakfast at 8 a.m.( figured this would be the only dat we could get up early!!)
Tuesday----nothing planned
Wednesday—Hollywod and Vine Fantasmic Package at 510 p
Thursday—Le Cellier at 610p
Friday—Chef Mickey’s at 545 p
Saturday—Mickey’s BYBQ at 630 p
Sunday—1900 Park Fare at 6 p
Monday—CRT at 10 a
Tuesday— we leave BooHoo!!
Thank you!!!


those all sound great how about Kona on tuesday??


Here are my thoughts on the ones I’ve been too…
LTT yummy…love LTT…and I think having Thanksgiving dinner anytime of the year is awesome!
Donald’s Safari Breakfast we’ve done this one at 8 as well…which is awesome…because you finish quickly and have the park to yourself for awhile…oh and the food is yummy!
Le Cellier I am salivating. Need I say more.
Chef Mickey’s Chef Mickey’s should always been done while at WDW!


I may be willing to try Kona but the rest of my family would not-- if it is not as plain as plain can be (or a buffet with a wider range of choices) forget it!! I have thought about adding another breakfast at either Ohana’s or CP but I am already one credit over my dining credits---- Oh well----Maybe we will pay for 2 out of pocket!! It’s only money, right?? I’ll go pick some more off the money tree in my backyard!!! HAHA!! Thanks for youe opinions!!


Oh, and I have to add that I had the nicest, most helpful person making my reservations- his name is Don!!:laugh: :laugh:


Kona is very plain food. In fact it’s probably one of the most casual and friendly restaurants at WDW. We’ve made Kona a “must-do” for breakfast every trip. Not only is the food delicious, the staff reminds you of one of those places where everyone’s worked for years. It just has a real “family feel”, and it’s a perfect setting for starting a day at WDW. We’ve never tried dinner, but it gets very high marks from everyone who does try it. We’re hoping to give it a try in Feb.


Those look like great choices! I have second (or third) the suggestion for Kona. My best friend is an INCREDIBLY picky eater and won’t eat anything unless it’s “plain as plain can be”. I convinced her to try Kona once on our trip, and we ended up eating there twice because we both loved it. It was simple, delicious food in a casual atmosphere.


Sounds wonderful!!

I would suggest …50’s Prime Time, Ohana, Sci Fi, Trails End, or Whispering Canyon for Tuesday. Just to name a few…


sound great! don’t forget, you can do counter service on tuesday, and not have a table service that day, helping save that money tree!


I am not sure what time your flight arrives, however, we also had LTT booked for the night we arrived. Our flight was delayed a few hours and we had to miss dinner. Our ADR was for 5:30 PM and we could not get a new ADR the entire week!

Plus, once we arrived, no one wanted to eat, everybody wanted to go in a different direction, etc. As soon as we walked into the park the kids were on rides. If I were you I would switch LTT to tues and leave your arrival day with nothing, just in case.


We are driving this trip and we will be at the Nick Hotel the 2 days prior to our stay at Disney so getting to LTT for our ADR should not be a problem!! We may add another day to the start of the trip so Sunday most li:happy: :happy: kely will not be our arrival day now!!


Thats good, I sat on the plane for hours thinking OMG, are we going to make dinner! I was so upset! Everything else looks great, you are going to love CRT and Chef Mickeys! Meals with characters always taste so much better to me!

Have a great trip!


CRT seems like such a great way to finish off your trip! I love that you have that scheduled on your second to last day. :happy: