How do u get to the Boardwalks


Is there any Disney Transportation that takes u to the Boardwalks we have never been there.


You could also walk through the back of Epcot and reach the Boardwalk quite simply.


You can take a bus from one of the parks to Boardwalk or you can walk there from Epcot. If you go from FutureWorld to Worldshowcase and stay to your right towards UK, the entrance is after UK, before the bridge to France.

If you like sports, eat at the ESPN Club. Good food and the prices are pretty reasonable. Also, try to go to Beaches N Cream for ice cream. Unbelievably huge portions, a little pricey though, but worth it.


Okay great thanks so it is basically by EPCOT we have an ESPN zone here in Denver great place. We plan on eating at Beaches I have the Q&C vouchers I figure I will get my moneys worth there. Thanks can hardly wait.


So…you’re in Denver, huh??? Just remember, even though CO is wonderful, everything (including ESPN) is better in WDW!!!


Beaches & Cream restaurant is not at Boardwalk it’s at the Beach Club resort, across the water from the Boardwalk. Joe


So u from Denver iluvminnie HELLO.
So is it pretty easy to get to Beaches from the Boardwalks I imagine it would be right.


Just follow the walkway around to Beach Club. A nice walk I might say. Or you can take a boat. Joe


Thanks Joe


Howdy Neighbor!!! Joe is right, it’s just a nice walk around the boardwalk. Just remember, B&C is actually in the Beach Club. You can get to it by walking along the building behind Stormalong Bay. And if you can’t find it, just ask a CM. It’s really yummy.


I sure wish they had direct bus service to the Boardwalk from the resorts! We kept opting out of going because we dreaded the second wait for a transfer at DTD.

In case anyone’s unfamiliar, to go to or from any resort to another by bus, you have to go to either a park or DTD (and only DTD is available after hours), then wait for another bus to the second resort. I just think that since the Boardwalk has so much nightlife & restaurants, they should count it as a central destination, like they do DTD, and allow people to come and go directly. We went elsewhere twice on our last trip because we just couldn’t face the extra half-hour at the end of the night after dinner.


I totally agree…especially since that’s where we always stay! You would think with all the activities available there that there would be regular bus service to it just like there is to DTD!


I agree, but in the meantime…

A trick that some folks don’t know about is to take a bus to MGM and take the boat from there to the BW. The boats run every 20 minutes and it’s about a 22 minute trip to BW, but, it’s very relaxing and it’s much more direct than going to DTD first.

We do this on early open MGM days. We take the bus to MGM and take the boat to BW to have breakfast at Spoodles.


Wow great tip! I was wondering how to squeeze the BW in on this trip! Ok I am officially in planning mode! :laugh: I will be lingering around the boards picking up on all the good tips! Thanks!


Thanks for the great tip, Matt. That does sound like a much more relaxing & scenic way to go.


Maybe I missed something, but we went to Boardwalk in June, during the day. And we didn’t see much going on at all. A couple of stores and ESPN.


At night it is fun. They have a dueling piano bar, a dancehall, espn and some other little places. During the day I can’t see that it would be all that.


Exactly. Nighttime is when the boardwalk comes to life. I remember sitting on my balcony at the BWI & listening to the 3 piece brass band down below. And then there are the “street” performers…jugglers, magicians, etc. There’s always lots of activity at night. I haven’t done it yet, but renting those surrey bikes looks fun (and it looks like a great way to burn off that dinner!). The lights alone are neat. And sometimes Rafikiman & I just like to get a glass of sangria from the Spoodles carry out window or an ice cream cone from the corner shop & just sit on the boardwalk & watch the activity. Not much goes on during the day 'cause they figure everyone is in the parks.


You have NO IDEA! :eek:
In May, we rented a two-bench bike. DD was too small to pedal, so she rode up front. DW and I were in the front row and DS was in the back.

It started with a stroll along the BW, and then there’s… the hill. OMG! DS lost his footing, so DW and I are pedalling uphill for four people. It was insane! I’ve never worked so hard on a vacation in my life!

But I’d do it again in a minute. We laughed so hard and it really was a lot of fun. DD loved being in charge of the bell… ringing it to get people out of the way. :laugh:


Maybe we should start a letter writing campaign… :confused: