How do you feel about "copy cat" attractions?


After having a conversation with a DVC rep I was curious how you felt about something. The rep told me that the “point value” for staying at the Grand Californian Hotel has been dropped in hopes to attract more DVC members to come visit DL/DCA, instead of the majority of members exclusively visiting WDW annually.

After some thinking, I realized that maybe MY SEMI-disinterest in DCA is because of it’s amount of “copy cat” attractions. Don’t get me wrong I ABSOLUTELY love it there regardless but once I realized that FOUR major attractions in DCA; “Muppet Vision 3-D,” “Soarin’,” “It’s a Bug’s Life,” and now “Tower of Terror” are all something I experience in WDW I was a little curious how you feel when Disney does this?

I have mixed feelings. I would be the FIRST to vote for the Indiana Jones ride from DL to come to WDW (MGM) but I ALSO kinda feel like the more this happens the more disinterested I may become. Of course each park has it’s own undeniable uniqueness but IDK… OK, what do YOU think?


I’m not to fond of copycat attractions…but they didn’t ask me :pinch: Of course if they didn’t do that Epcot wouldn’t have Soarin’ :tongue:


Isn’t the MK a “copy cat” of DL? :laugh:


Ehhh, I wouldn’t go that far. haha. Copycat IDEA, MAYBE… but so many different attractions. I meant more modern copies of attractions themselves. :tongue:



I have only been to WDW, so I don’t really know…I imagine it would be a weird sensation to ride a ride that I have ridden half a million times (take ToT for instance) somewhere else and have it be almost identical, but it not be in MGM…I don;t know…it’s odd now that you mention it!


They don’t bother me. I think it’s great that they have many of the same or similar attractions at each park. That way people who can’t get to WDW or DL can still see at least a few of the things the other has without actually going. The more disney the better always. :heart:


I like to experience as many different rides as possible. I think if there is a great ride at one park, it’s a good idea to have it at another. We probably won’t be visiting the west coast very often, so I’m glad they built Soarin at WDW. Like Dana said, it gives people a chance to experience something that they might never experience if the ride was just at one park. Not everybody will be able to visit both WDW and DL. I think all the great rides make the parks better.


I don’t care for it personally. Its the uniqueness. Indiana Jones, The Matterhorn and the DL version of Pirates are DL to me. If the same rides were tweaked differently ala Pirates I probably wouldn’t feel that way.


I don’t care, I think there are enough different attractions that I wouldn’t feel like I was wasting my money. If an attraction is that good then taking that same idea to another park is great for those of who don’t visit both parks.


I donno, I think I really like the copy cat attractions.
I like how they brought Soarin’ Over California to Epcot, and ToT to DCA and what not.
:tongue: But I can understand the feeling Wish


I think, in a way, “copy cat” attractions bring a sense of continuity and familiarity to the different parks. The attractions are similar, yet they still have a “uniqueness” about them. I think it’s great to experience the same attractions in different parks, you can see what differences imagineers have made and advances in the technology of the rides.


That’s actually an excellent way to look at it. When one park copies another ride, it’s because it’s so good they want to share it, and then it becomes an updated improved version.


There is nothing new under the sun, but Disney sure seems to make the same old thing feel “new” to me! :biggrin:

I am not against it… Each park gets a chance to have that little or big something the other park does not.

I just prefer that they not make too many off the shelf dark rides and share those… :pinch: