How do you feel about Disney


To All Disney Fans.

What is a Disney Fan? Well only you can answer that. It is something that is deep down inside of you. You know what get’s you going, it could be from hearing the name Disney, or Mickey Mouse what ever it is you know that feeling. So tell me how do you feel when you are there or talking about it. Does you’re eyes light up or you get that feeling in you’re stomach. What ever it is you have your own special way of saying “WOW”. You see people’s reaction all the time from TV or even in person. But let’s talk about you. You know there are millions of fans all over the place. From the time you were just learning how to crawl or even talk to the time you are now. All of us have that special feeling deep down in us. I can go on and on for hours maybe even days. I can’t tell you how to love Disney it’s just in you. You know how to. Yes there is some who know more than others and some don’t. It just doesn’t matter you are special in you’re kind of way. That’s what makes you a Disney Fan!! So tell us what makes you that awesome fan?


Its brings me instant joy…the knowing I’m going to WDW…being at WDW and planning to be at WDW. That’s all I know. I don’t know the why’s or hows, but it does.


‘Disney’ in general brings back so many childood memories. Watching Wonderful World of Disney every Sunday night on TV. Going to Disney movies. Watching Mickey Mouse Club. It brings that kid out in me again.

WDW is a happy place. For people from all walks of life. For people from all over the world. Where else can you go and sit for fifteen minutes and hear a bazillion different languages walking past you? And people are smiling. And talking about what they want to do next. And what they just did. It brings joy in a way that other places don’t. It brings that kid out in me again.



There’s so much negativity brought upon a person every day. It gives me hope that I’m not the only person longing for goodness, happyness and clean fun. When I hear “Disney,” it gives me faith that there are many more people throughtout the world who have the same ideas as I.


I agree it’s that special to all of us.


When I Hear Anything About Disney I Get An Excited Feeling. When We Are There Vacationing There Are No Bills, No Homework, No Bedtime, Everyone Is Happy And The Smiles Are Priceless. I Just Love It There. At Home We Collect Disney Dvds And Plan For Next Year. I Have A Job Where I Get To See Disney Pictures At Least Every Month So When I See Them I Ask The People Questions About Their Vacation And There Face Lights Up. I Had A 70 Year Old Lady That Went On A Disney Cruise And When She Came Back She Was Like A Little Girl Talking To Me. She Was In The Hospital 2 Days Before The Trip And 4 Days After Her Trip, With Conjested Heart Failure, Sinus And Kidney Infection But She Said That She Would Not Have Missed It.


I agree with everything said…you know other people share your passion, there are no bills, no housework, people are smiling and it’s pure escapism and hopefulness in all that is good and joyful. It’s my very favorite subject (that my family is getting tired of hearing/talking about!) I was definitely not raised with it, and grew up 8 hrs from DL, only going 1-2 times as a child.

I sit by a girl in my night class and we usually have small talk about her pregnancy, but last night she mentioned going to Florida in June, and I instantly perked up, asking her more about it, and found out she stayed at CBR, went to the Hoop Dee Doo review…etc. We chatted right through our break, it was great! I have a co-worker that loves Disney too and all we talk about is our upcoming trips, ADRs, resorts etc…it’s pathetic! :laugh:


When I am having a rough day, I give myself a “break” and pop on here for 20 minutes or so!

Talking about, seeing things, being in Disney, makes me very :happy: don’t know what it is exactly . . . it just does! :wub:

I’m glad I found this site, so when I bring something up I don’t get the eyeroll or “here she goes again!” :laugh: :laugh:


My eyes light right up and my heart begins to fluttering, and I feel light as a feather, and I get jittery and jumpy and giggly! And I just feel like a six year old again. Like I just want to sit on my bedroom or living floor indian style and talk about how great Disney is, all while using my hands and all with a HUGE smile on my face.

I feel like nothing else matters or can hold me down!

It’s MAGIC! :wub:
True, real-life, magic. :blush:


Disney “feels” like family. my little nucleus family, DD, DH & me, go to wdw every year…just us. it is our “thing”, our special vacation for just us.

the planning all year long makes disney part of our everyday lives. it truly is like an fixture in our family. movies, characters and the never ending planning…i sew custom clothes for our trips too! :C)

disney = making memories to last a lifetime with DH & DD. it makes me almost cry with heart swelling anticipation and joy for each trip. each trip is so wonderful, a treasure, a blessing.


I completely agree on all 3 points! But I think this site can be dangerous! I start planning trips for the next year, before I’ve even gone on this trip! writing down tips for what to see, do, eat etc…:laugh:


Our whole family is Disney-crazy, and I love it that way. I love that WDW is something that I can share with my children, that there is something for all ages, that none of us will ever get tired of going, because there is always something new. I love that my kids know all the characters, as if they were family, or long-lost friends that they get to see every year or so. When we are talking WDW, there is no stress, no pressure, no worries, and when we are actually there, there is nothing but pure, simple, innocent fun.


From the moment I stepped through the gates at age 4, I was hooked for life. It was and always will be the most magical place on earth. Now ds is experiencing the same joy I do and DH of course. We’re all hooked.


I didnt go to WDW until I was 17, but I used to dream of it. I loved it so much then, it WAS pure escape, even when I didnt have bills, work, etc. It allowed me, though I was getting ready to go to college, to be a kid for a few days, before I had to grow up. It was GREAT!

As a parent, I love how my family is at Disney. We are a happy family, dont get me wrong, our lives are more peaceful than most, but Disney is special. I especially like the way my serious husband is at Disney. He is ALL ABOUT FUN ! His eyes are lit up the entire time we are there, and the months leading up to it. We spend time together as a family at home, but there is nothing like 24/7 having fun together; its that undivided attention that we all give and get, with no chores or work to interfere.

I also want to say how much I LOVE this site. While we all have personal pressures, it is so nice to have a place where everyone shares their excitement, their families and their good times. With regular friends, one tends to discuss the hassles and burdens in life. This is a great place where I feel comfortable to share my Disney happiness and Love to hear about others. I think this site brings out the best in all of us…maybe we should try to bring our disneyfeeling out at home…without all the Disney talk, of course, others would think we were NUTS!!! LOL

Thanks to everyone here, you make this site so special…(and not all disney sites are like this one).



WOW!! Great responds everyone!!! Yeah i know, it sure does feel good!!


This site, for one, is a wonderful escape, usually, from the horrids of life. (Sure, we look at Disney from a practical, unmagical few now and then, but everyone needs a little dose of reality. :wink: )

I could probably sum up ‘disney’ with one story. I hadn’t gone to a disney park in ten years, and it was my second day as a college program kid. My roomates and I went to MGM, which had changed alot for me, and we saw Fantasmic, which I had never seen before. The very end…where there’s this mysterious dancing light, and all the kids are calming down from the villians dissapearing…there was literally this collective, enraptured GASP from everyone when they saw it was Tinkerbell. My expectations were low when I walked in, but they we blown away when I walked out. That memory still makes me teary.


The first thing I though of when I became pregant six years ago was that I could not wait to bring my DS to disney for the first time.

I guess because I have been going there for so long I wanted DS to have the same great memories that I have. And on his first birthday, December of 2002, his love for disney began :slight_smile:


For me, it is an inner peace that I feel when I am there.You can leave all your worries at the gate. The family is together,everyone is happy and safe. My children are 11 and 9. Every trip, I have new memories that will be with all of us for life.I look forward to going one day with their families! When I run into those people who ask, “You’re going again?”,I explain to them that we as a family are fortunate to have found a place that we can all enjoy. I tell them that I really hope they can find something similar in their lives. That usually shuts them up! In short, Disney is an oasis in the middle of the chaotic world we are forced to live in everyday!


Hmm… I love everything Disney. I guess it started with my parents… they liked Disney and took us on many vacations to Walt Disney World. I watched Disney Channel as a little kid… loved Disney movies.

When I was 9 years old, we moved to Florida, and my dad bought us APs to WDW… it kind of made the transition easier for me, I think. It was an abrupt move, and changed a lot, but going to WDW put a smile on my face. I felt free… it’s a child’s fantasyland. I’d drag my family to WDW every weekend. I loved not only the parks, but the history. Learning about Walt Disney’s accomplishments… as well as everything he went through to make his dreams come true… inspired me. Nothing Walt did was easy, and he didn’t always (well, rarely ever) have the support of the public, but he perserveered until his fantasy became a reality. I admire Walt and the Walt Disney Company… and am an avid supporter of all things Disney. I suppose that makes me a Disney fan.


WDW is a place where I can travel back in time. I can be the child I was. Watching The Mickey Mouse Show with my baby brother as we sat in an overstuffed chair wearing our Mickey Mouse ears. Growing up with everything Disney. Walt Disney, Disneyland & his plans for WDW. Pollyanna, Summer Magic, Davy Crockett, Cinderella, Snow White… It is a time I can escape harsh reality & retreat into a Fantasyland.