How do you get home for late adr?


Just thought, we booked O’Hanas at 9:10pm. Have never had an adr so late. In looking, MK and Epcot close at 9:00pm, so I’m wondering, if we take the monorail back to one of the parks, will buses still be running?


The monorails and the buses run two hours after park closing. And they keep running until everyone is home. However, since you’ll be at the Poly you have several options.

  1. Take a cab
  2. Take the bus to DTD. DTD doesn’t close until much later. Then take a bus to your resort.
  3. Take a bus to another park that is still open. Then take a bus to your resort.


We’ve actually run into this problem before!

Our dinner at Artist Point got out at 8:45ish and my mother and sister were at Epcot holding a great fireworks spot. It only takes about 15 minutes to get from WL to Epcot, so we figured we could catch up with them (pfff yeah right)… except there were NO Epcot buses! We let several MK and DHS buses go by. Finally an Epcot bus showed up at 9 and the driver wouldn’t let us on. We took a bus to TTC and took the monorail back to the GF… no Illuminations for us (but we were able to watch the MK fireworks from our resort and caught some of the Electrical Water Pageant… no music, though).

You’ve got it easier though - getting from a monorail resort to a non-monorail resort.

Just take a monorail to MK or TTC and take a resort bus back “home.” (Don’t plan on watching fireworks in the park though! :laugh:)


we did that also we had a late adr at gf… we ended up taking a cab to pop… it is well worth $16 . my feet hurt to bad to walk more then that …


We had the same problem at the beginning of the month. We didn’t get out of O’Hannas until late. We ended up taking the bus to DTD and getting another bus back to the resort.


Take a cab, it’s worth the cost. It’s going to be late and you’ll want to get back to your resort.


A cab is prob. the best way. I mean if you wanna be out late and don’t wanna go back to your hotel take a walk, hope on a bus to DTD, walk around, hop on a bus to your resort. Your in Disney! Enjoy it.


When you dine late, you always must take into account transportation back to your “home”.
I’ve gotten stuck and had to take a taxi more than a few times or taken my own car and prepositioned it.
The least problems will be had with the monorail resorts, as long as you keep in mind that the buses, boats, and monorails shut down two hours after park closing and that time most often is 9 PM. If you can work your dining plans into an EMH night, that is always better.
In the end, it only adds about 25 minutes to your total trip home.
If you have to transfer through DTD, it will be a bit longer to get home than through a park (either MK or in the case of the Crescent Lake resorts, Epcot).


I think I also would also opt for the cab. Once DH and I went from MK to DTD - no direct bus. It took us FOREVER. I would never do it again.

Now, if the MK is still open, then yes, opt for the monorail there and your bus then, but otherwise, “enjoy your dinner” go for the cab home.


IF the MK IS still open, many times it will be just as fast and sometimes faster to take the resort launch instead of the monorail from the Poly back to the MK and also a few saved steps if you are transferring to a bus at the MK.


I’d take a cab. That way you can sit back and relax and not worry about the time and if you’re going to miss a bus.


We have been stuck at the Poly! Believe me! Haha. And the Contemporary. The best thing to do is go over the MK. And if it’s past the 2 hour grace period after the parks are closed, there still are buses in the docks normally. Just go up to one of them and tell them your resort and they will take you back.

We had to do that a few times, we like a late dinner! haha.

But yes, otherwise there’s always the option of a cab.

When we were stuck at the Contemporary they were going to get a cab for us and pay for it because the buses were supposed to be coming to the Contemporary and it hadn’t shown up, but it finally did! :smiley: haha.


Ah but here’s the worst of all worlds.
A few years back I had a late dinner at Narcoossee’s.
I finished dinner very close to 11 and the MK had closed at 9 that night.
We were staying at the Contemporary.
If I hadn’t made the last monorail at 10:50, I would have been sunk!
Even though I could see my room from my dinner table, I almost was forced to either take a taxi or be forced to ride buses all night in order to get to DTD to get a bus back to the Contemporary, and I would not have been happy if that had happened. especially because there would have been no way to even walk (or swim) back home.