How do you get the PINs for discounts


Ok, I hate to sound stupid, but I have read many posts where people mention receiving PIN numbers by email or in the mail for special discounts. What is everyone signing up for that they receive these offers? Is it usually only for returning Disney guests?

I will be taking my family for the first time in March and, of course, would love any extra discounts I can get!



Callie, it may be for returning guests or for people who have registered as a member of, which you can do for free. I know I get the PINs sent to me on occasion, but not necessarily the same deals or at the same time that other people on MB have received.


It’s mostly luck but be sure you send away for the planning DVD. However, you can also watch for general discounts that don’t require a PIN. You can usually find the discount codes on this site the day they come out.


Thank you!! I have registered on and have ordered the video. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and my eyes open.


By the way, welcome to MouseBuzz!


It’s not exactly a PIN but I always try and keep up with this website when I am planning a trip - Disney Discount Source - Disney World Discounts, Disneyland Discounts, Disney Cruise Discounts
They are very good about listing new discount codes as soon as they are released.


When I called to book with our free dining PIN the CM told me that it was done by lottery!! Now if I could only win the $148 million Mega Millions!!!:laugh::laugh:


Hi callie, I think that they give discount coupons to them who have membership of their website. but if you want some discount for traveling than expedia coupons can give you discount coupons, because they are providing discount coupons.