How do you handle


EMH when half the party is staying on site, and the other half is off site.

I am lucky enough to be included in a trip as a “tour guide.” The original family is staying on site, and they then asked their kid’s Grandma, her best friend (my SIL), Aunt and myself to go with. I originally thought we would just be in another room at the same resort, but the party I’m staying with didn’t convert their timeshare to Disney, and is staying someplace close to DTD. So…I’m thinking we will all be together the majority of the time. Is it possible for us who are not staying on-site to still be with the other family during EMH, but just not go on the rides? Has anyone been in the same situation?


I think you have to have a room key to get into the park for morning EMH. Not sure about evening but you would not be able to ride anything without a room key either time since you will not be able to get the EMH braclet


If it is evening EMH you only have to show the card to get on the rides. If you are already in the park you can just stay there.


They don’t do the bracelets any longer unless they changed it again.


You can ask for room only keys for your friends.
A few years back, I had friends who were up visiting WDW the same weekend we were, but were staying off property.
We were at WL and simply asked for two extra keys for my friend and his son.
I was given two keys with no charging privileges, no questions asked. It might have also helped that we had a room with two queens, so we could have 4 guests in the room anyway.