How do you know if you are chosen for fast pass testing?


Did you get something in the mail/email? Just saw it on the website? I could be missing something and not ever know it.


I received an email as well as a letter sent ups.


Well, since I got neither, I’m pretty sure then that I wasn’t chosen.


They are only picking certain resorts at a time, and this is one of the final go arounds of testing. Soon it will be available for all resorts once the data is collected.


I got an invitation overnight delivery.

Of course, when I try to register my APs (which ARE the new RFID cards) it tells me mine is invalid. My DW’s card linked ok!?!


I’m so undecided about the whole thing, and there have been a few stories of spending hours fixing something with the bracelet. DH and I have gone enough that if we don’t get on a ride, we will be back in 6 months, but my DD and family is also coming. This might be something they would have wanted. So again, just checking if I missed something.


I called I really wanted to try it out. I was told we were not chosen if we were we would a email.we are at pofq.