How do you like bomas?


I love bomas! Its my favortie place to eat in Disney! So, how do you like it?:laugh:


Welcome to M-Buzz! In all of my trips I have never made it to AKL. I have a DF who makes that his staple every time they are down there. He says he will drag me there next time. What exactly makes it your favorite? Hear good things about the Zebra Domes.


DW and I are fans of Boma. We have never made it there for breakfast (which we hear is amazing) but we do enjoy eating dinner there! The soups are great and the meat is too!


We totally enjoyed the breakfast buffet last month. Totally!!! :happy:

btw, welcome to MB!!! It’s always nice to have fresh faces here.


We love Boma’s especially for breakfast…my only very small complaint is that the lines are very long. They should rope off each section like Cape May Cafe does…so if someone only wants waffles they can just get in that line. I know that you are suppose to be able to do that but last time I was there I witnessed two fights because someone jumped the line and the poor guy only wanted some butter…There’s no fighting in Disney


What is NOT to like about boma’s?? We all LOVE IT!! We have reservations there for may when we go to Disney next.


I always eat WAY too much when we go to Boma’s…I LOVE IT!


We almost always have breakfast at Boma once during a visit.


We love Bomas too.


We’ve gone to Bomas twice for dinner and I enjoyed both times. I am so glad we have gotten the dining plan (paid for or free) because there is a whole other side of disney to experience. I like to try different things and that is why I like Boma.


Haha,thanks for posting all of those wonderful posts. I thought that they were ALL very good, so THANK YOU!:happy:


Zebra Domes and Chicken Pepperpot Stew!!! Yum-O!!:laugh:


We have our first reservations for Boma this year. I am looking forward to it. We have eaten at 94.3% of the Disney restaurants and somehow never been to Animal Kingdom Lodge or it’s restaurants. I am excited for the opportunity, good to know it is someone’s favorite, that makes me excited about it.


Welcome to Mousebuzz Minnieme! I guess I’m the exception. I didn’t care at all for Boma’s. We had an ADR and we still had to wait way to long to get in. But I’d give it another shot if my DH was up for it. I don’t know if he liked it either. Maybe we were just to pooped that day.


We tried it once. DH has a work contact that was raving about it so we decided to try it. Sorry not with all of you on this…we went, we tried and decided not again. We enjoyed trying all the different foods, but just not our style.


We’ve been several times and our family loves it! Give it a try!


My SIL turned us onto Boma’s last year. We loved it, the food was great and our server was also fantastic.


Boma’s breakfast ROCKS!!! It is in my top 3 for breakfast… 1. Crystal Palace, 2. Boma, 3. Cinderella’s Table. I tell everyone to hit at least one of those when they go.