How do you make appt w/DVC rep?


I set aside a morning for our Nov trip for DH and I to meet with a DVC rep. I’ve been trying to sell DH on the idea of DVC, but he’s not “sold” yet. He agreed that we should speak to someone and get a tour (since we’ve never seen a DVC room).

Should I book a meeting now or just wait until we get there? Also will there be somewhere for DD to play while we talk? I thought I read that somewhere.


You can use a member here as a referral and call now and get information mailed to you or you could wait until you get to WDW and stop at one of the DVC desks at the parks or your resort and set up a time to take the tour.


I sent you a PM :happy: And yeah, what Disneyteacher said! :tongue:


Tell him that it’s what you want for your 40th and tell him that it’s a statsical fact that DVC members have more s… err fun. After a long day in the parks, you come back to a nice relaxing LARGE whirlpool tub and… :whistling

I was a hard sell on myself being in real estate. But I’m kicking myself for not buying into DVC a long time ago!


Ya know, that’s what EVERYONE says.

We own a bunch of timeshare with Starwood. While we LOVE it, I just can’t shake the desire to own DVC. I KNOW I will one day, but I want to wait for the time I can actually afford it with NO QUESTION. I want to feel REALLY good about the purchase. And for us, that means waiting a year or maybe 2 more. Yes, the price per point will go up. But at least it will be a time when I will have NO WORRIES.


Everyone has hit the nail right on the head! I just wanted to add that there is a kids club that they can go to while you are meeting with the dvc rep!! We had to pry our DD away when we left!!!