How Do You Make Reservations?


How do I make reservations, is there a phone number? Or is there an e-mail address? How?
I’m sure you are all getting sick of me, but I need help!!!
Thanks to all


Try this to start: 1-407-WDINE

They will help answer all your questions.


Andrew, you missed a few letters! :laugh:

1-407-WDW-DINE. That should work! :happy:


407-939-3463. they will be able to answer all your questions.


Thanks Kim. That’s why it’s good that you always follow my posts and correct them. :blush:


Anytime!!! :happy:


The toll free number is 800.828.0228


And there is the web site :wink: Walt Disney World Resort - Tickets And Reservations


Another toll-free number is 877-939-3732.


I had no idea that there was a toll free number! Thanks:ohmy:


Yeah, Disney doesn’t make a point of advertising this number.

It makes the long time on hold listening to Zippity Do Da much more enjoyable knowing WDW is paying for the call.


At the top of the resorts forum is a sticky listing the toll-free numbers.


Thanks a lot !!! I am really happy for the toll free number - cuz you know I’m saving to go to disney.


Really? :confused:

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


how long do you usually have to wait? i have never had more than a wait of a few minutes…


Depends on the time of day. If you can call in the middle of the work day (away from the lunch hour), you’ll have a shorter hold time.

Early morning is a longer wait, with the “I have to get CRT breakfast ressies” callers.


Cavey, Did ya get I was kidding


Oh, was that sarcasm? We don’t get that here. :tongue:

Yes, I got it.

Keep in mind, I’m MB’s Rabble Rouser for a reason. If I say something off-the-wall, you can be fairly certain I’m teasing. :laugh: