How do you pull up your reservation?


I recently booked a trip with Mouseketrips for this September. (I AM SOO EXCITED!!) They sent me the email with my confirmation number and information on it. I went to my vacations on the disney world website and it wouldn’t let me pull it up. Does anyone know why or have they tried and got the same answer??



If the reservation was not made in Disney webpage, it will not show. Also, if you call Disney, they will not have your information either.

I made reservations by expedia in October, and this happened to me. I also called and they told me to wait until the arrival date.


We made our reservations by phone and were able to access them online. We just needed the confirmation # and our home phone number.


Mousketrips makes all of their reservations directly through disney. Even my credit card was charged by disney. (they are awesome!!) I just didn’t know if there was a little trick to it or not.


When i put the information in it gives me this error…

    "Please check your number and enter it again, or call (407) 939-7675† and our reservation agents will be happy to assist you with your reservation details."



I didn’t want to call and mess things up with mousektrips.


I was told when I called that if it was made through a travel agent then they are the only ones that can call. They would not even talk to me about our reservations since I wasn’t the travel agent. I just wanted to confirm for myself that everything was correct. :huh:


For some reason, Disney does not allow you to look up reservations not made through them on their site. If you call, they will confirm it, but that is about it, they want everything to go through the travel agent. Sure would be nice if you could do it, but Mouseketrips is in the same boat as everyone else. Even if we book it online through Disney, we can pull it up, but the client can’t, which is stupid.


That works. Thanks Mickey for clearing that up!!!