How do you transfer/sell points?


A mouse buzzer would like to buy points from me…Does anyone know how we do it? Can they use paypal to send the money after I reserve? I need help thanks.


My DH and I were just talking about this today (because I bought points from someone on Friday to transfer). I’m not really sure of the best way so I can’t wait to see the replies.

I think a lot depends on how well you know the person and if it’s a rental or a transfer. If you transfer the points I don’t think there’s anything you can do if someone doesn’t pay and you have already transfered the points. A rental is different because as the owner you have control of the reservation.

Last year when I rented points I payed half up front and the other half maybe 60 days out (both by check). I had to trust that everything would be in order when I checked in and it was. I was lucky I ‘knew’ the owner and didn’t have any trust issues but things can happen. A friend of mine had a small problem a few years ago when she rented points from someone she didn’t know.


You said it perfectly. You need to have trust in the DVC person you rent from. When renting points the DVC member has total control. If a DVC member transfers points, it must be to another DVC member. You can get a contract. You can check the Orange County Comptroller office to see if they ever bought a contract at . I have also seen on some boards you can put the money into an escrow account. Most renters have paid me by paypal or check and I have never had a problem. Go with your gut. Talk to them by phone if possible and see if they are knowledge. I know you can call the resort 1 or 2 days prior to confirm the reservation, but when renting from a DVC member you cannot change the reservation only they can. Good Luck


We rented points this year from a MB’er. We put in our request for what resort we wanted to stay and dates. She checked, found it to be available, and reserved the resort in our name. Everything was in our name. We then paid her through PayPal. There was a fee to do this, but we covered her fee as well. We felt safe with PayPal. She received the confirmation in the mail and forwarded it directly to us. When we arrived, everything was in order, no problems. Even our room cards had our name on them. We had a great experience. I agree, you must have trust in the person you are dealing with.


Both require the member transfering/renting to call member services.

Only current year points can be transfered - no banked or reservation points. And I think you can only do 1 transfer a year.

You can rent the points to anybody but you have to make the reservation for them. It will be in their name, but the member has to make the reservations. If the reservation is canceled, the points have to go back to the member’s account.


That is correct. The DVC member renting the points has to put in the request, not the person renting. If you know the person and you trust them no worries, otherwise tell them that you need the money in a certain period of time and that was payment is made to your account you will then make the request.


Thanks everyone