How do you use your rewards?


We just used our rewards card for the first time in March. We useed it to pay for our Fantasmic Meal for five, a lunch inside of Mexico and some snacks and a t shirt. We had over 200.00 on it! What fun it was to use and feel like you were getting a free meal. :flowers:


We have only redeemed our points once. We used I think 60 of them and used them towards the cost of the hotel. Since then we have accumulated I believe 169 points todate. We decided we are going to TRY and hold off on redeeming until we hit the max allowed (750). Then we will used those towards a polynesian or grand floridian stay.


We used them the same way you did…towards food. They really went a long way! We had quite a few dinners at the Pop Century food court, and your right, it does feel as though your “eating for free”.

I love those rewards!!


I love the reward dollars. We used them the first and only time so far in November to stock up on Disney Guns. Can never leave WDW without buying those guns, don’t you know.

I am so crazy about the dollars that I am putting all of my household expenses on the card, write one check to pay for it all per month and rake in those dollars. It really kinda feels like getting something special.


Toward our room. It just seemed less complicated to do it that way. The money saved still went toward food and stuff.


I have $385.00 reward dollars as of this month. We are not going until Sept 2006 so I hope to have around $500.00 when we go. I figure we will use those and our disney dollars (every quarter at work that we have perfect attendance we get a gift certificate to the mall for $25.00 so I go in and buy $25.00 in disney dollars … that will be another $400.00 in free money!) first before we start using any cash. Will use them for food and all my shopping!


I use mine for souvenirs. I think the most I have accumulated at once is $150. It was nice to come out of the WoD store at DLR with a couple of bags of free stuff!


I try to use mine for something tangible, that I can take home with me. It doesn’t always work out like that though. I have used them on the cruise, at Disneyland for souvenirs and food, at WDW for a dinner and a shirt and then at Hilton Head, it paid off everything we charged to the room for a week! Of course, now I have none left.


I usually use mine towards dinner but thats because I havent gotten more then 20 dollars at a time of reward dollars


That’s ok, that’s what it’s all about: go out and spend some more money to get your DDollars to get stuff to have none left, to spend more money, to get your DDollars… :blink: :wacko:


We use ours mostly for food. I used it once to pay for the Hoop de doo and enjoyed it twice as much knowing it was free!


The only time I cash mine in I bought some stuff on Main Street. I will have about $200 to spend this year, I am not sure what I am going to do. I like the thought of bringing something home so I may have to do a little shopping with my reward card.


Last year I had 300, and it all went to food!!
This year I have around 150, and being on the meal plan, looks like we may spend it on souviners.


Can I use mine towards the purchase of an AP? That’s my plan.


Shop, shop and shop! I use the reward card before I start room charging my purchases.


We used some of ours for the unexpected refrigerator rental at PC. And we used some to buy souvenirs. We have some left! :biggrin:


we used ours for all the charges we put to our room for all the stuff we bought. hehe.