How does disney decide who and how get compensated for problems?


There is no way to write this without sounding like I’m jealous. So let me clarify, YES, I AM JEALOUS.

Reading on another board someone posted they had used the premium plan for 2 separate nights (so it was good for 4 days) while at FW. The sent an email to disney saying how they had some minor problems with CMs not knowing how to ring up the premium plans for meals and activities. Perhaps more training is needed. They got a call saying if they booked a room at a mod with a premium, they can get upgraded to a deluxe with a platinum plan for free. WOW, that’s worth hundreds of bucks.

So who decides how are these problems are handled?


Walt does.


This is a mystery to me too. Maybe the way people word things? Maybe they “know” someone. Maybe it’s the luck of the draw. Maybe they speak to the “right” person…


Maybe pure dumb luck.


Maybe they have a big ‘Magic 8 Ball’ with different out comes in it. When some one complains they shake it and it says ‘free nights’ or ‘free food’ or ‘ignore’.


Thank you for clearing this up. Guess it’s done by the same department that sends out PIN codes.


Rock -paper - scissors?


I’m going to go with that too.


:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: You may be right!:ohmy:

Boss, you always make me laugh! I think we may share a common disfunction!