How does this work?


Our family wants to rent a DVC Beach Club villa for a week in June/July 2014.

We are NOT DVC members and I just want to know how how all this works, as far a renting points, etc. Been to WDW a jillion times, but always stayed in resort hotels… this time, we’re planning a family trip that will include six adults and two kids (one will be 5 the other will be 2).

We’ve stayed at the Yacht Club and decided Beach Club villas that location because we love the location and Stormalong Bay for the kids (and us lol).

CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP?? Welcome any advice, info and ideas …



We have rented from twice. We rent our points from them, get them to add our dining, and then we add our park tickets from It usually saves us a ridiculous amount of money. It sounds like a pain, but when we get to the resort, we take our paper tickets and the keys to the kingdom card to the concierge and they put them all on the same card. Never had a problem with it.

To give you an idea, we got a $3800 Bay Lake Tower room last summer for less than $1500, and this fall we are doing a $2400 Wilderness Lodge room for $900. Renting points is the best way to go.

I think the only trick was that you have to say you are the “guest of so and so”, if they ever ask. Otherwise, it is a normal vacation. Oh yeah, the DVC rooms don’t come with maid service every day. Last year we paid for it 3 days when we were there. I think it was $30 a day. But, still MUCH cheaper than the normal room.

Check out DVCRentalStore, they did us and our friends great.

I understand David’s DVC Rental is great too, just had a lot of luck with DVC Rental Store.


Renting points will average $10 - $12 dollars per point, depending on who you rent from and time of year. With the amount of people who are going, I’m assuming you are looking to rent enough points for a two bedroom. There are point calculation charts for 2013 available on various web sites. Not exactly what 2014 points will be, but close to give you an idea. I would recommend renting points from someone who’s “home” is BCV, that way they can reserve your room at the 11 month window rather than the 7 month. BCV is a little harder to get in because of the size of the resort and its popularity.

Also, as mentioned above, housekeeping shows for garbage and towels on the 4th day, and total cleaning on the 7th. I prefer this as you don’t have to worry about anyone getting into your room say when you are relaxing midday. There will also be a washer and dryer, so if you run low on towels, you can just throw them in the wash. Very convenient.


We are renting through David’s DVC Rental for 2013 and have had a great experience so far. The fact that only a partial deposit is due up front is nice as well. The fact that we are staying in a 1 bedroom at BWV for almost the same price as a regular room at POFQ is AWESOME! :happy: