How does "use year" affect reservation window


I have been trying to figure out how the “use year” would affect our reservation window. Usually, my travel dates are not flexible, and I am concerned that if I don’t purchase the “best” use year for us, we will have a problem using the points where and when we want them.

Also- is the only way to purchase less than 150 points through private resellers like the timeshare store?

Thanks in advance…


Your use year doesn’t affect your reservation in any way. You can book up to 11 months before the first day of your planned trip at your home resort and 7 months out at any other resort. The only time you have to worry about use year is when you are banking so that you don’t lose any points.

I think Disney has the minimum purchase requirement, so you would have to go to a reseller. Someone correct me if I have missed a change in policy. I will say, Disney is the easiest company to deal with so I don’t think you are going to have any trouble using them when you want to if you are planning ahead. It has been my luck to even get the rooms I wanted on short notice when I have been put on the wait list.


Thanks for explaining “use year”, Huakai. I was originally confusing the use year with the 7 and 11 month window.