How does 'We Go Shop' work?


We’re planning to use We Go Shop this trip but I don’t know how it works. We’ll be in the parks the whole day and don’t want to waste time waiting around. Will the resort charge it to our room when it arrives or do we have to be there to pay for it?


DT, what is We Go Shop?


Grocery Delivery Service Provided By Grocery Delivery Service From Your Favorite Grocery Store.

They deliver groceries to you. The charge is less than $20 to deliver to WDW resorts. There a place to list what you want and the sizes, you don’t have to order from a list.

We don’t plan on cooking but we want milk (4 gallons), bread for PB&J, Pepsi products, and a few bags of chips.


I bet they will ask for a credit card number and pay that way.


On their faq’s page, it looks like someone definitely has to be there to pay for it. I would call the local branch of this service and see if you can arrange payment in advance.


That would be nice, I want this to be easy.


I guess I should have read it.:blush: If the time is set the it might not be too bad. The trick is having our room ready and not being late for dinner that night.


why don’t you use garden grocer. They only charge $12, I think, and they will deliver it to your resort to hold for you if you aren’t in your room. If you want something that is not on their list, just add it in the comments section. I have used them 3 times, and think they are great.


I looked at that site a couple of months ago but didn’t see Diet Mt. Dew so I went over to wegoshop when I started thinking about using a grocery service. Wegoshop seemed easier because I don’t have to go through pages of products to got to what I wanted.

I may take another look at them if they’ll deliver and I don’t have to be there AND they’ll get me my diet dew. Decisions, decisions…