How early is TOO early


Hello all

I am back. It has been a long time since I have been able to get out here. But I am back none the less. Now onto a bit of good news. We are going back to WDW in 2007. This time after Thanksgiving but before XMas. Hurricane Wilma was wierd and all but this time I would like less crowd and a touch cooler. I think around Dec 16th (my BDay) How soon do I need reservations for my room. Also how much money do I need to save each month from here on out??

Thanks all

Great to be back.


Welcome back! My advice is to save all the money you can, and book as soon as you can.

Am I brilliant or what? BRILLIANT!


Absolutly brilliant! :happy:

I agree that booking as early as possible is better! Then you can get it paid off sooner and start to save all that spending money for fun stuff!


So brilliant I am blinded.


Hi there AJ,

I read somewhere today, I believe it was Mouseplanet, that you can book room only reservation through 2007. If this is true, I am a true believer in Booking ASAP. We always do this, it just makes me think we are closer to leaving. You know, that mind over matter thingy!!! LOL


Make them as soon as possible and pay off the trip slowly using payments.


Set a budget and start saving accordingly.


Depends how many people are going.

General rule of thumb–for every two people, budget 100 dollars for food each day. (20 breakfast, 20 lunch, 10 snacks, 50 dinner). It might end up being a little more than you need, but it’s always better to OVERBUDGET than underbudget.

Set aside a certain amount for miscellaneous (souveneirs, parking, tips, etc). It depends what kind of person you are, but I would set aside about 25 dollars for each person per day. (to be safe!)

You know how much rooms will cost (this depends where you stay of course!)

Tickets vary with the amount of days, options, membership (AAA, Florida resident?)

Gas or plane ticket? Make sure to budget gas BOTH WAYS


Really those are the main budget sections. You can always throw in an extra 100 just to be sure.

Use Microsoft Excel (assuming you understand the functions and how to use it). It is a wonderful tool for budgeting, trust me! If you need any assistance or further advice, just shoot me a PM. I can even send you a screenshot of my Excel budget I used two weeks ago for my trip (color coded!)


I’m heading down to WDW at the end of November/beginning of December this year and we booked our room a year in advance. I called central reservations a year to the day we would be checking in and didn’t have any issues at all getting a room.


I’m also going to suggest that right now(okay,maybe sometime today!!!)you get a big jar and have everyone in your family start putting all your change in it at the end of the day. Then,about 30 days before your trip starts,you roll your change up and see how much money that will give you. I’ll bet anything you’ll have over a hundred dollars that you could spend on a nice birthday present for yourself,or a character meal,or something like that.