How early should I book for Nov. 2008?


we are going to be taking a 2nd trip in 2008. our 1st will be in jan., then we are going to go again for thanksgiving.

so seeing as how it IS thanksgiving…how early should we book. or maybe i should ask…how late can we get away with booking??

we will want to stay at ASMo.


just had an idea…what about booking the Thanksgiving trip when we are there in Jan.??? i mean honestly, that would be plenty of time in advance…no??

anyone have an opinion…thoughts please! :C)

then i can set out figuring out what i would like to request for ADR’s after we get home!!!


We are staying in Dec. 2008 and we have booked our stay already. It required $200, but at least we are guaranteed a room. We always book asap.


I agree with Daisee. Book right away! Then you can say you have TWO trips booked . . . how cool is that?? :happy:


after talking with DH, we are going to book it next mo. working the cost into our reg. monthly expenses!! :C)

now that i have that in mind…i want to get all the info. of where and when to be during that week. the crowd levels are a slight bit intimidating…but i know if i plan well…we will be okay! :c)


Personally, I would book as soon as you can. Why wait?


Booking early might prevent headaches later. We are DVC members and we book our stay at the earliest 11 month window.

Would waiting until you are on property potentially give you a better price on a bounce back offer?


Book now, then stay on top of future deals and special promotions. You can always re-book or adjust the reservation to the new price.


I’ve already book me and my family for Thanksgiving 2008. :smile: You can never book too early.:smile:


I have already booked our Thanksgiving 2008 trip! I had looked into the Port Orleans French Quater and it was already sold out :eek: . So now we’re booked at the ASSports. I would book as soon as you can. Keep in mind that you have two weeks after making the reservation before a deposit is due.:blush:


My thoughts exactly. Plus it gives you more reasons to hop on MB:laugh:


I always plan my trips 1 year in advance so I can start saving and budgeting for my vacation. I pay monthly so it really helps.


We’re thinking about going that time next year. Try to book by the first of the year.


i didn’t realize that!! in that case i will call TONIGHT!!
thanks Monique~:heart:


okay…i couldn’t wait…i just BOOKED IT!!

yea…it’s real now! lololol


That’s great! I’m glad I was able to help.:blush: :blush:


Im in the same boat. Im about to book for Dec 2008 but Im going to wait untill after christmas this year.


Congratulations, you have two trips to look forward to. It will certainly make it easier to come home in January, you can then start thinking of your November trip. LOL Good for you.


That’s what I was thinking! Just think, chottsy. You won’t have the displeasure of PDD when you return in January because you can start your countdown for November!! (I believe I’m a bit envious of that.)