How early will they let you into Mk with a MNSSHP Ticket?


I have read mixed answers on different boards about this some ppl say 4 and others say they make you wait until six. I don’t know if it differs from when the parties first started till now. I was hoping to get in a little earlier so that we could do dinner and possible the new pirate makeover.


When I bought my tickets yesterday they told me 4 but I wanted to know if we were already spending the day in MK will they make us leave at 4 and re enter at 4 :confused:


No, you don’t have to leave and re-enter the park. you just go up to the front of the park and show them your ticket and get your halloween band. As for the other question, between 4-4:30pm.


Great! Thanks so much! We are so excited. I plan to do rides during the day go back to the room and relax for a while and then go to the party. Now…what to wear :laugh:


Well, I guess I don’t need to repost any of that info.
I guess I don’t need to post in this thread.
Too late!

(4 PM early entry with MNSSHP ticket, and no, they won’t make you leave if you are already in the park with a hopper, just go to City Hall and get your wristband)

But they will kick you out after 7 if you don’t have a wristband.
Personally, if I were going to the party, I’d do the morning and afternoon in another park and head for MK around 4. That will still give you 8 hours in the MK.


CMs will start blocking off the hubs around 6:30pm, you can get your wristbands from them as well if you are in the park already.

We always go at 4pm and enter on the ticket . . . they have an entrance area open just for the party and they are giving our wristbands then too!


If you have a 4pm ADR on Party Night, they will let you in a bit earlier than 4. The earliest I got in was 3:45. HAVE FUN!

And I have to agree with Soundgod…start your day in another park or relax at your resort THEN go to MK for the party.