How far ahead


How far ahead should we book onsite accommodation? I would imagine that it fills up pretty quickly. We have decided to go early October 2007 which is still along way away but don’t imagine we will have decided exactly what we want until a bit closer. If we book something and a better rate comes out, would we get the better rate, or be stuck with what we had booked at.


I was told that once you book with Disney and a better rate comes out that you are able to switch. I was told last week that you can book through Oct or November of 07 right now. I know that others have tried and they are unable to get prices yet… I was told that come mid August that all rates for 07 should be out. I was told by two different people from the Disney Travel that if a better rate did come out that we could get that price.


Yes, you can book now and if there are any changes or discounts before that, you can certainly make them. It’s surprising to many how quickly the resorts fill, so booking far in advance gives you the peace of mind and avoids disappointments.


We always book as soon as we can and make changes as different rates and discount codes come out. What resorts are you thinking about?


That’s what we always do. We book what we think we want and make changes if better rates come out later.


This is what we do as well. We booked our Dec. trip back in Feb. after we got back from that trip. We are still waiting for the discounts to come out.


The sooner you book, the better. Changes can be made later, if necessary.


But, if you don’t really want to book yet, early Oct is not that busy of a time. I would not worry, just book as soon as you feel comfortable.


Thanks guys
Bali …we are thinking about Port Orleans Riverside and Pop Century. It all depends on price really. We are staying 4 weeks so it adds up over that time. But I really like to idea of the extra room and a refridgerator in my room that I would get with Port Orleans.


Book as early as you feel comfortable. You will be able to take advantage of discounts as they come up. As for the two resorts, you will save a lot by going with the Pop Century, but annual passholder discounts(if nothing better crops up) would probably split the difference, and if that’s affordable for you, take the more spacious accommodations for that length of stay.


Thanks guys for your responses. Is it too early for me to do this through Mouseketrips, or should I go to Disney directly and then speak with Mouseketrips a little closer.


Four weeks is quite a long time.

I don’t want to confuse you more - but have you considered renting DVC points? - if you rented a studio you would have a microwave, sink, refridgerator, and toaster. The living area is much larger, and you will have a queen-size bed and queen-size sofa bed.


It is something I thought about but really would have no idea where to start. I assumed it would be quite a bit more expensive and its hard to make our money go far when we have to convert it to US Dollars.

How does the whole DVC work? Are points expensive and how many do you need? I ask a lot of questions dont I? :slight_smile:


Well, if you don’t ask - how do you know?:laugh:

Four weeks at Old Key West (it’s the most inexpensive, but beautiful) takes 82 points a week. So 4 weeks would be 328 points. You can often rent points for about $10. a point. That would mean it would cost you about $3,280.00 for the four weeks. I don’t know if that is more than you’re looking at. The DIS Discussion Forums - powered by vBulletin is very active in renting points. You might want to take a look there.


I can tell you that we are going in December of 07 and posted a message on the and we found someone already that will rent us his DVC points and we have sent him a deposit. It was WAY cheaper for us to do that then do the value resorts. We are staying at the Boardwalk Inn Villas. So I think it would for sure be worth checking into. We got a 2 bedroom and at the Boardwalk Inn there is one king size bed and the other room has two queen size beds in it and then the sofa folds out as well. That is what I was told that we would have. Dont know how many are in your party but that is what helped us decide. We got a deluxe hotel for the price of the value hotel.

Also, there is a ebook that you can buy for right at 20.00 and she has a code for park tickets. We are getting 5 day hopper tickets cheaper then we can get 4 day hopper tickets through disney. That might be worth the 20 bucks to get such a good deal on tickets…

Also, will deliver anything you order to your resort. We are going to take advantage since our children as such picky eaters. We plan on eating breakfast in for sure. We have even tossed around the idea of making sandwiches with us to the parks to help save on the cost of the food but who knows. That is a long ways away. I just know that since you will have a full kitchen and are staying for so long that you have the option of cooking. I found the website not to be any more in prices then the local Wal-Mart here.


It does sound pretty good. We are a big group. We were looking at possibly 3 rooms at one of the hotels for the 12 of us although Mum and Dad have timeshare which would possibly reduce the group by 3.

How do I know how many points are required for each resort?


I never realized you were such a big group! You definitely have other options.

You could rent a Grand Villa at Old Key West, which sleeps 12! It has 3 bedrooms, full kitchen, living and dining room, 4 tvs, VCR, balcony, washer and dryer and 3 (there may be 4) bathrooms. The weekly rate is 372 points in October. If you went in the “Adventure” season (Sept. 1-30, Dec. 1-14) it would drop to 356.

A two-bedroom villa sleeps 8 at 232 points. You would then also need a studio, which sleeps 4 at 82 points. So that would be a total of 314 - which would be a cheaper way to go. You would still have a full kitchen, w & d, living and dining room in the 2 bedroom.

You have to remember that you will have a full kitchen (and I mean FULL - you could cook Christmas dinner easily) which would save money by eating some of your meals at the Villa.

If you prefer - the Value Suites at All StarMusic are now open. They have kitchenettes and give you two bathrooms. I believe then sleep 6 to 8.

There is a slideshow of the various properties at allearsnet. For Old Key West, go to “Homes Away from Home” and for the Value Suites, go to “Value Resorts”. Heck - you could even rent cabins at Fort Wilderness - I believe they sleep at least 6.

I don’t know if you have your heart set on staying on-site - but there are many homes for rent in the WDW area - most come complete with private swimming pool. I know there was someone from England who had a house in the area - maybe someone else here remembers her name and how to view her property. It looked pretty nice.


Go to this website and click on Walt Disney World
Then click on Resorts
Then click on Disney Vaction Club Resorts and check out Old Key West, Boardwalk Inn and Saratoga Spring Villas… These are the three that have Villas…

The Boardwalk Inn Villas 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom sleeps 12 (so disney says). 1 king size in the master, 2 queens in each of the other 2 bedrooms, and the common areas look quite large…

If you go to that website then you can read about each resort and then while on the page of each hotel then you can look on the right of the page and you can look at pictures of each type. Also, if you go to WDW and go to resorts, then DVC resorts you can take a 360 degree tour of each resort.


The Wilderness Lodge also has Villas. Don’t know much about them as I’ve never stayed there, only in the main Lodge but would love to if I could.


Me and my mom are the ones who decide and book things usually and we decide what we are doing as we are making our way home frome the last vacation, and book things the day we get back! as lots of other people have said, you can make changes later on if necessary.

Good luck!