How far from airport to WDW?


Hi! I was wondering how far it is from the airport to Disney. About how long will it take after landing to get there? We are taking DME, but my parents are driving down earlier in the week. I wanted to give them a ballpark figure about when we should be arriving.



I think the airport is only 20-something miles from the border of WDW? (I could be wrong on that.)

But with DME, it’s going to take a while. There’s no telling how many other resorts they will stop at first. So I don’t know how to tell you to estimate.

Maybe someone with DME can give you a more definitive answer? :huh:

But I’ve heard reports of people getting to their resort in 30 minutes…other people it took nearly 2 hours.


We’ve used DME twice and we were at our resort in about 40 minutes from boarding the bus both times. We sat for at least 5 minutes before leaving and we were the first to be dropped off. I would say 60-90 minutes from the time you check in to the time you get to your resort is a good guess.


Welcome fellow Texan!

We’ve used DME twice. Once in October 2005 on a Thursday and again in March 2006 on a Saturday. In October, we were dropped off at All Stars Movies within 35 mins of getting off the plane. In March, we had two stops before Animal Kingdom Lodge, so it took us about 55-60 minutes from when we got off the plane. But we did get a close up view of a couple hotels that we hadn’t see before, so that was neat.

Which airport are y’all flying out of?


It really sounds like it’s money well spent to hire a town car, doesn’t it?


Hi! Thanks for the replies. We are flying out of DFW. We are staying at POP Century. Maybe that will make it a little faster. We are getting in around noon;so, we will still have plenty of time to hit the parks.


I have done DME a few times, and I have been standing at check in at the resort in less than an hour after getting off the plane. For the most part, it works well. I still think a town car is the way to go, but the DME is a valid alternative.


it takes between 30 minutes to an hour - depending on the lines @ the DME counter. the lines moves pretty quick.


I know this is decadent, but we hire a limo to take us from LAX to Disneyland and back. Especially after spending all that time caged in the wonderful air transport system, I couldn’t put in another hour on a bus. I need legroom!