How far in advance do you start to pack?


We leave April 24th and we are bringing up the suitcases this weekend. We do this every year and as we go shopping for new stuff we just throw it in the suitcase. It is so exciting.


It is so exciting! Depending on the length of trip & where we are going it differs. If we’re going on a quick 3-nighter to WDW or DL I’ll just pack a couple days before & try to keep it as carry-on. For the longer trips, like 7-10 nights at WDW I tend to bring out the suitcases about a month before! :smile:


I pack and gather “things” all year for my trips. I don’t actually get my suitcases out until about a month before, but do keep bags of stuff set aside all year that are for only WDW trips. I will get clothes, socks and other stuff that are for the trip as well and put them in my carry-on that stays out all year long or hang them in the closet…by color of course…lol


Atleast I am not the only one that does this. When my wife “boucher0911” reads this she will see I am not that crazy. I always have to buy new socks for vacation as well. nothing feels better than new socks on your tired feet.


Ummm… :blush: I’m lucky if I’m done backing the night before. I’ve been known to literally be throwing clothes into the suitcase the morning I needed to be out of the house by 6:30am :blush: But I’ve gone enough times to know what I need and if I miss something I figure I can always get it there (of course it’ll be at those lovely Disney prices)


I don’t start packing until a couple of days before the trip. If I start too soon I unpack and repack way too many times just to double check that I have everyting that I think I have. I also HATE having the mess out for so long.


I usually start getting things together about 2 weeks prior and pack about a week prior to leaving. That way I have plenty of time to make sure I have everything I need, because I don’t want to have to go buy a NEEDED item and waste my Disney time (plus I don’t enjoy the “Disney prices” on necessities).


I forgot to add that I have the family size LL Bean toiletry bag and keep it packed all the time with seconds of everything. That alone makes packing faster.

Personal Organizer: Toiletry Bags at L.L.Bean


If I’m going for two or three days, I’ll pack and leave.
If I’m going for a week, I’ll start about two days before.
Then again, having lived on the road for years, I can pack really fast, as long as I’ve got clean clothes.


i make a list of the stuff we wish we would have brought or needed more of on the way home.

then i gather this stuff up gradually all along(mostly meds., toiletries or coins for pressing, etc.).

i pull the suitcase (1 very large) out to the office about 2 weeks before and start filling it gradually. still keeping it zipped close between adding things.

1 week before we leave i move the suitcase out to the front room and it stays open as every last thing gets added & double checked.

i am always done packing the suitcase 1 day before we leave. then i work on packing the snacks and stuff for the car ride.(dvd, video game, music, books,…stuff for DD)

the night before we leave we pack the car!! :C)

then i can relax…it’s kinda like since the suitcase is in the car, i know we have everything and if we don’t, well then we will just get it while we are there.

(never again will i pay $2 for 4 tylenol…never, ever again! LOL )


When we get our ME luggage tags


Umm you guys are making me a little worried… I leave for 60 days in like 3 1/2 weeks and I don’t even have a packing list. I know I still have a bunch of stuff I should get. Should I worry yet?


I make a list about 1 month before of everything we will need. I buy whatever we will need and pack that ahead. I don’t start packing clothes until a couple days before though. I totally do not stress at all about packing.


I keep a list going too way before we pack- but the actual packing is around a week before. Also we have many things left in the cases that we take year after year, the ponchos, travel plug, water fan etc, so the case is kind of half packed before we start with clothes!


oh my! get packing girl!! dana has a great packing list in the travel tip thread - you can modify it for your trip, since yours is a bit different.

maybe going for that long is easier to pack though - you will wash clothes often and be near stores for necessities (probably easier to just buy them over here, for some things).

when we go on vacation, i get my packing list ready waaaay early (a couple of months) and start accumulating things i need (mole skin, medicines, travel size stuff, sunscreen, etc). I pack and check things off my list as i can (if we are going in fall/winter, and won’t be wearing those swim suits/shorts anymore, they get washed and packed and checked off my list). I have even been known to write down which outfits are packed, just in case i am looking for something later. (yep, silly aren’t i?)

i actually get the suitcases packed a week or two before. for me, earlier is better because my life’s schedule is crazy sometimes! i just dont’ have time to wait until the last minute. not sure i could anyway, i’d be afraid of forgetting something. when we drive, its not such a huge deal to forget something, but flying changed things - i don’t want to be spending a ton on something that i should have remembered to bring, especially if it was on my list and i just forgot it.

i keep my list in the suitcase, so i can know what’s in there. everyone knows not to take anything out of the suitcase, so i know i have what’s checked off in there.


I am an odd packer, since I travel there is always a suitcase sitting in my bedroom. For any vacation I start picking up odds and ends as soon as purchased - of course, undergarments all new washed and put into the bag so I won’t have to worry about it.

Since you ask, I could probably start tomorrow for a September trip.


I do too! Actually, we have 2 of them. (3 kids–we need lots of stuff!) We have all the toiletries we need in both of those so we’re always ready for any trips.


We leave in 5 weeks and i’m starting to pack this weekend. Wash & Load!


I start putting things aside very early (sometimes right after I book!) but I don’t actually pack until a few days out. I am like DT, I hate doing it too far in advance, because then I am repacking, and I don’t always remember what I have or have not packed!!


I always buy all the kids new socks everytime we go. They just pack so much nicer. I’m glad I’m not the only one who does this.:blush: