How far in advance?


So I always thught ta ADR’s were only bookable 90 days in advance but I now gather that it is 180 days prior to arrival~ is this correct? To be honest we have always left making ressies until we are there but when we come next, we want to get as many booked in advance as possible.


I think it used to be 90 days, but it’s 180 now! I think it’s becoming more important to make ADR’s because of the number of people using the dinning plan option. Even during slower times you can sometimes have trouble booking certain places after you arrive.


its 180 days but apparently its from your checkin date and not your adr date- you also have to be staying on site for this - off site I dont know what the rule is


now I am confused then because I called to make an ADR and was told I had to wait a few more days. She didn’t ask me anything about if I was going to be staying on site or not.


I think it’s 180 days for everyone, not just on-site guests.


Wow 180! I had no idea they changed this! I like this new rule. I feel like it gives me a little more leeway, because I always forget to do it right at the 90-day mark, and it ends up being like 85 days ahead instead. :huh:

At least this way if I forget to do it right on time, it’ll still be 175 days until my trip so I have a chance at getting the ADRs I want!


Oh right, I missed that change completely then! 180 days is much better IMO…I get to plan a lot earlier! Brilliant.


The only difference is that on-site guests can book everything 180 days from their check in date, while guests who stay off-site, can book reservations 180 days from the actual dining date.


Frankly, I think it stinks. Unless I’ve got a concierge pulling strings for me, there’s little hope of getting Chef Mickey’s anymore. I haven’t even decided on vacation dates until it’s within 80 days. It’s a good thing I have no desire to have breakfast in the castle. I don’t have my schedules together until 2 months at the outside. In the past I’ve done my October planning in late September and had no problems. Not anymore. Not with all of you A/R types racing to call at 7 AM as soon as it’s six months out.


For anyone who gets an ADR in the castle, you are the luckiest people in the world. All I remember is waiting to make my adr’s every morning for a week and a half, and it never failed, around 7:15 an anouncement would come on saying Cinderella’s was filled. Don’t know how you all do it! Thank goodness I have a DS and doesn’t want to eat there, although I would like to one time.


yeah!! just made my ADR for 8:05 am at CP on Jan.10th!!!


I think CRT is getting easier to book with the price increase, not as many people are going “just because.” We’ve been there 3 times in the last couple of years but not because I have a little girl who just had to go but just because we wanted to eat IN the castle. My DS didn’t care one bit about the princesses but played along and had fun. Now with the higher price I won’t be planning to dine there again and I think there are others who feel the same way so it’s a little easier to book now.