How good is Animal Kingdom Lodge?


I am going there in July, and I need to know what’s it about. How close are the animals. Waiting for the buses, is that a pian.:confused:


Mind-bogglingly fantastic. Really and truly. :wub: :happy:



Thanks a bunches!!!


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I have stayed at aKL twice now. I love that resort. The theme is carried off perfectly and the animals are perfect! The animals, if you are in a savannah room, are right outside your balcony. Closeness would depend what floor you are on I suppose. I have stayed on the Zebra trail twice now and love that wing. There are many look-out points around the resort to view the animals if you room view isn’t all that great. That hasn’t been necessary for me, but I like to go to all the look out points regardless and check out all the different animals. There are different animals near each wing. You can get a full description on As for the buses: I found them to be perfect as well. You are in a remote location, but it hardly matters. You don’t share a bus with any other resort and the transportation runs like clock work with a bus showing up every 15-20minutes for each park as scheduled. I think that their bus service is one of the best that I have ever had there.


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We stayed at AKL at christmas and while it was lovely and we had a wonderful time, now I have done it once I wouldn’t rush back. There was nothing bad about AKL it just wasn’t for me! I do belive that you everyone should try it once just to see!


We have stayed there twice now, and loved both trips. As Dana said, if you stay in a savannah room, the animals are right outside your room. It was the only time Sharon was not in a rush to get to a park, as the animals were right there. As far as transportation, the buses run on a regular schedule, and we did not find the wait to be too long. The resort is themed very well with a lot of artifacts from Africa.


Check out this site, it has up to date information plus great photos of each resort.

Deb’s Unofficial Walt Disney World Vacation Information Guide - WDW Planning Guide - Walt Disney World


AKL is great!! If I hadn’t gotten such a great deal to stay at the Beach Club for my birthday,I would stay at AKL again in a heartbeat.


If you can get a savannah room, it is absolutely breathtaking. But, honestly, all the resorts have something special to offer.


We have stayed there and it is breathtaking. The only minorest or minor things is that it is the farthest resort from the parks so the bus rides to them are a little longer than other resorts. But the aroma of the place when you step back inside more than makes up for it. You really feel as if you are in another place in the world.


Akl Is Not For Everyone, But Everyone Should At Least Visit It And Have Dinner At Boma!!!


Love AKL!!! The animals make the resort AFAIC