How Has Walt Changed Your Life?


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Really… there aren’t many people whose lives Walt hasn’t affected. Entertainment was truly shaped by Walt Disney.


Takes ALOT of my money! :laugh:


In a way I would never had guessed. From the first visit to WDW in 1995 as an adult with grandchildren at my side, I was in love with everything Disney.:heart:. We have been back almost every year since, a couple of times twice. Even in our senior years, we enjoy ourselves to the max every year. Walt Disney did that for all of us fans, and more.:wub:


If it weren’t for Walt Disney, I wouldn’t love movies as much as I do now. I wouldn’t have specific characters to grow up with that are still around today (you don’t see the smurfs, rainbow bright or woody woodpecker around do you?). I wouldn’t have a vacation spot that truly leaves me smiling from the minute I enter to the minute I leave. I wouldn’t have had such a magical wedding. I wouldn’t have such magic and joy in my life it if weren’t for Walt Disney. my life would’ve been pretty ordinary.


In a few ways now that I think about it. From watching The Wonderful World of Disney and Disney movies to going to the park; both have captured my amazement and imagination growing up and still affect me now.


I wouldn’t know all you people for one…


I was thinking of typing the exact same thing when first started reading this thread :mickey:


He’s cost me a lot of money! But I don’t regret it at all. My family has had wonderful and great times at WDW and DL and memories to last a life time. Whenever we are together the conversation always turns into a Disney one.


Walt Disney has impacted my life,indirectly of course, in several ways. His movies have entertained me and my family over the years many times. His resort, Walt Disneyworld,has given me a place of recreation and entertainment that also sparks our imaginations. Finally, he stands as an example of how failure can be overcome, and challenges met(and even exceeded),by believing in yourself and doing the hard work to make the chances you take pay off. As a young man he went to california with no money and a partly completed fim("Alice in Wonderland), and founded his own studio. When his first successful animated creation(Oswald) was “stolen from him”, he created Mickey Mouse,and sold his car to help launch the character. When he decided to make his first feature animated film, they called it “Disney’s Folly”,and he went $2 million in debt to finance it. That film became Snow White. Finally, he decided to build an amusement park, and everyone said he was crazy: what would a film studio do in the amusement park business? Again he had to scramble to pay for it,again risking his studio and personal fortune. that’s how Disneyland was born. We can all take inspiration from the life of this great man!


He has made me believe, even if only periodically, that wishes do come true. He also created a wonderful world of escape from “reality”.


I love WDW! Walt has not only entertained me and given me and my family many wonderful times together, but he has moved me. There was a Disney movie that I saw about 15 years ago called “Love Leads The Way”. The story is about the very first seeing eye dog. I cried and it has become one of my favorite disney movies. I would love to buy it, but have been unable to find it. My son did a research paper on Walt Disney and his life. It became apparent to me that Walt has also made an impact on my son’s life. It was a fantastic paper!! I learned some things that I did not know before. I can’t wait to return to WDW in January!!!


One of the best things I enjoy, is that he gave me a place to take my family time and time again to enjoy our company together, and have a wonderful time at the parks and resorts.
I know when I go to Disney World, Im surrounded by other like minded families who spend family time together and get away from cities and countrys where people are not always so nice. I truly feel like Im on another planet being around so many people who are family-oriented and just out to have a clean, wholesome good time.
Thank you Walt for training these cast members to act a way we dont always see in everyday life. Then again, the cast members don’t just work because they need money, you can do that anywhere. I feel the cast members at the parks and resorts are a special type of people.
I have always dreamed what it would be like to live in that community we see in Space Mountain on the WEDway People Mover. It just seems so peaceful.


Growing up watching the “Wonderful World of Disney” as a little Wall, was one of my great childhood memories. Actually going to WDW as a young teen was another. It was one of those life changing moments that I still keep with me. My family and I are going back in a couple of weeks (May 7 - 14th) It will be our 4th trip in 3 years.We enjoy all things Disney. My little girl who is 9yrs old is discovering the same as my wife and I did when we were her age. It is a magical place! …THANKS WALT !!!


Gosh this thread really makes you think- and when you do think there is such alot of ways that Walt Disney has impacted on our lives.
Some of my favourite childhood movies and songs are from Disney movies, a couple of those songs can still reduce me to tears almost 50 years later. Furthermore, WDW is my safe place. I always feel so safe inside the WDW area, as though nothing bad or untoward could happen. I know thats a huge naievety, but for the time we are on property we escape from the darker side of the world.
Also some of my happiest moments have happened in WDW, I have watched my little girl grow from an awestruck Minnie Mouse fan, to the pure bred Disney fan she still is today at almost 20.


I think mostly Walt Disney has entertained me with his old tv shows, movies and parks. He has helped me with alittle bit of an escape when I am having one of them days and I read someones trip report or find some disney clips on “You Tube”. That always kinda takes me to my happy place.:mickey: I would also have to say he has inspired me with his new ideas and his imagination.