How i used my 4 day florida resident pass!


So for my birthday i kinda sorta hinted to my dh that i wanted the 4 day florida resident pass. it was a REALLY slight hint (10 facebook postings and begging were involved lol). He got them for me:) so here is my TR of what i did with them! there’s a little universal thrown in there too for those interested! I still have two days left and will probably use them this weekend! so enjoy!




Day 1 April 10th
Me (not quite 32 yet)
Rose: 4
Kat: 2
Karen: ?
Andy: ?

So we got up crazy early to head over to the magic kingdom. we just missed rope drop because i had to get my pass. And of course my birthday pin!!! Karen and Andy are good friends of mine and they were staying on property and were going to meet us later. So i decided to hit the ferry boat since the monorail is difficult to do with the double stroller by myself. when we first got into the magic kingdom, we stopped and said hello to Pluto! then we went to fantasyland to eat the muffins i brought!


haha sorry eating and trying to type lol!


Some more…


After muffins we hit the dumbos. The wait wasn’t too terrible. The whole day was spent asking the girls what they wanted to do. so of course rose had to ride it’s a small world.


i always laugh at that hippo because his eye doesn’t work right…
As we got off of it’s a small world, karen and andy called to meet up. so we waited for them then headed off to peter pan. Once again a pretty minimal wait. after peter pan we went on the carousel:) i love that ride!


After the carousel we headed over to the pooh ride. yet another quick wait. you couldn’t tell that it was still technically spring break. they had handed out flyers in the morning for deals on food if you went at a certain time of day. karen and andy decided to take advantage while the girls and i hit pooh’s playground for the very last time:( as soon as we got there rose and nina both started screaming “ALEXIA”!!! she’s a little girl in Rose’s class. her grandma actually saved our butts when one day she was parked next to us randomly and my battery went dead. so it was a small world lol! and she was about to save my butt again. the girls were playing and having a good time when i noticed nina’s diaper was sagging. crud i left her stroller and diapers by dumbo. so alexia’s grandma was just about to offer to watch rose while i took nina to get her diaper changed. just then grossest and most embarrassing thing ever happened. nina took off her diaper and little poop balls fell out all over the playground. i was MORTIFIED (sorry i forgot this may be a little tmi). thankfully i was handed some wipes and i got it cleaned up before it was stepped in or too many people saw. i think i died though. and you all thought they closed it for the fantasyland refurb lol! they closed it for sanitizing hehehe!


nice pics so far keep them coming.


Karen and Andy were back by the time i was done with the diaper duty. So we headed over to tomorrowland, fast passed buzz and then went on the tta. Rose doesn’t like the dark so karen distracted her by letting her play with her iphone!


We still had time to kill while waiting for buzz so we went to the monster’s laugh floor. nothing really notable as the “actors” were pretty boring. I like when they get into it! Sorry not too many pics from this part of the day as i don’t like posting pics of people without their permission.
After monster’s we hit buzz. I sucked because nina was controlling. Then we went back through fantasyland and hit the haunted mansion. at this point nina fell asleep and carrying her around was not fun at all!
after the haunted mansion, karen and andy had to take off to get to epcot in time to see herman’s hermits. it was so fun hanging out with them for a good chunk of day though:) me and the girls just kinda wandered for a bit.
We went to where tiana and navene greet and were told to come back at a certain time. we were given crowns and rose had her picture taken “kissing” a frog except it ended up being her looking like she was going to vomit on it lol!


We had a bit before we had to be back to see tiana and naveen so we wandered. We found Lilo and stitch. At first Nina was so excited to see them, but she was munching on a leftover muffin so i told her to leave it on the stroller so stitch wouldn’t eat it. BAD MOVE! she would not go near him. she stood there and yelled “no stitch, you don’t eat my muffin” all the while pointing her finger at him. poor stitch :frowning: oops! after that we headed over to aladdins carpets to hitch a ride. aladdin to this day is one of my favorite movies ever and rose never wants to meet him or jasmine:( last time we saw them, we were in epcot and she yelled that she had to go potty after waiting to see them for 45 minutes. grr she’s weird i tell ya!


somehow we ended up in a good spot to see the parade, so we did just that, watch the parade!


i thought it felt weird seeing the volunteer parade then waiting to see the main parade. but we did! the girls love this parade.


After the parade, we hauled butt back to tiana. we didn’t make it but the awesome cast member let us be the last group anyways:) nina was so excited to see her but of course when we got up to her, she didn’t want anything to do with her, so i had to hold her. ahhh kids…
after that i was getting pretty beat. it was a long day and we had to drive back, so we went to starlight cafe to have a bite to eat then headed over the see the main man, or mouse. we made a pit stop to hit the “coffee cups” on our way over. there was this HUGE group of teenagers and poor rose got stampeded on and we ended up without a cup. we had to wait for the next ride. i was pretty po’d at the cm’s for not saying anything. Rose wasn’t the only little one that got stepped on in the mad rush. before we saw mickey, i decided it would be nice to ride the train. so we waited and waited. the crowds had definitely picked up in the afternoon. i was so tired that by the time we got on the train, i didn’t want to get off. so we went around twice :slight_smile:


we went over to mickey and at this point i was finished! so we got our pictures taken and left. well tried to. we ended up going to club 626 at the stage in tommorrowland. it was fun and we got to dance with lilo, stitch, pluto and chip and dale. we finally snuck out of there (ok the girls pretty much dragged me outta there lol) around 7:00. we got home at about 9:30 pm. not too bad. because we had to drive back to orlando with my DH to activate our universal passes! sorry the pictures are blurry, nina got the lens yucky in line for mickey!


WARNING: this is universal content…
I won’t get into a big story, just some pictures to share. We drove back with DH this time and spent the day there:) this seriously was the best birthday weekend ever! some things i’d like to point out though, i love the parking garage at universal. nothing stinks more than coming back to a super hot car! i like how you can walk park to park, rose loved that the bathrooms were more kid friendly with low sinks with soap and towels they could actually reach, i love harry potter. disney has it all over universal on everything else lol!


i have a ton of universal pics because dh was with me so i had more free time lol! half a ton are harry potter so i will try and not post too many…
suessland was really cute but unfortunately, after that, there wasn’t much we could do with the girls as rose is still too short and nina has a ways to go.


ahhhh harry potter!!!


just a few more…