How Important Are Discounts?


We’re seeing something very unusual right now - Disney has multiple discounts available for some travel dates in late spring. Despite having previously announced their intention to move away from discounts, we’re now seeing more special rates available than ever before.

There’s a theory out there that states that when a company continually discounts, customers become conditioned to expect those discounts and the company may never be able to return to “regular” pricing.

So what do you think? Is Disney is in danger of encountering that situation, or are they already there? Would you still travel to a Disney park or on a Disney cruise at regular rates, or do you now plan your vacations only when a discount is available?


For our family the discounts are VERY important. With 3 kids (& often the in-laws traveling with us also), the discounts are really the only way we could afford Disney World. I agree that people get “conditioned” to expect the discounts - we’re holding out making a decision for this year on an announcement about free dining-but particularly in this economic climate, I think the discounts really make Disney World do-able for a lot of us who wouldn’t be able to do it ordinarily without some serious sacrifices in other areas. (just my 2 cents!)


I book with the intention of paying full price. I search constantly for discounts to apply to my booking, but am going even if I can’t find one. WDW always has my vacation money.


We are like Dana, We comb the websites for deals. There is always one out there, Finding it is the problem. Even if it is the smallest, We still go.


Considering everything Disney has done to keep people in the parks in the last couple of years, I don’t see discounts going away.

Like Vegas, they make money if you are there spending money. If Vegas has to give cheap rooms & buffets away to get you in…


That was one of the biggest adjustments of becoming a DVC member, is my mindset is to find the best deal when we plan on going. I was so use to searching for discounts, that its a little sad when I see all these great deals, even though I know DVC works for us, I still feel like we are missing out on something (especially when they offer $750 gift cards…I want one!).


A friend of ours, got 2 rooms at AKL… 2 $750 GC… $1,500… sweet…


I find the discounts annoying. Mostly because I pay full price in November and get somewhat less. The parks are not open as long, etc. Essentially I go about booking my Disney trip like Dana and Wall and am happy to catch a break.

And yes, I think it is true that once you start discounting, it is very tough to reign it back in. I see that in my own business as well.


I like the discounts but my trips have never depended on getting one. Pre-DVC I would book planning to pay tack rate and if a discount came out great, if we didn’t get one we would still go. Now that we’re DVC member I don’t miss waiting to see what deals come out because I know we have the best deal for us and it’s going to last for more than 30 years.


Of course the discounts make it more enticing, to go, but I have noticed that value and quality have dropped considerably. Honestly, I would pay MORE if it meant less crowds and more quality.


I will go but whether there’s a hefty discount or not depends on where I stay. As long as they continue the 40% off Deluxe’s that’s an option for us. Without it there’s no way, esp when we’re eligible for SoG at a fraction of the price.


If I want to go I’ll go…but to be honest if I have the opportunity I’ll plan my trip around a discount time. I love a bargain.


Well said. I actually booked the exact time frame that free DDP would come out just in case. I just got lucky and found a discount equal to that free DDP by chance…lol Who doesn’t love a WDW bargain>?:laugh:


5 years ago (when I first moved to FL) I could call on a whim and book a Value for $49/night. (FL res rate) NOW with the “deals” its still reasonable ($79-$99 FL res rate) but to get a room is NEAR impossible. The deals seem to be filling the rooms, but I am noticing a lot more families sitting on benches eating brought from home lunches and then there are SALES in the shops? THAT used to be UNHEARD of. (not to mention the discount with the passes, 20% at the holidays and 10% now through May 15th)

I love a discount just like the next guy/gal, but if I REALLY want to go, I’ll make it happen either way. :happy: Gotta have my Disney fix! :laugh:

(I voted “not a deal breaker”)


last year was the first time i got a deal “free dinning” it will influence my future trips to try and get a deal. we would love a Christmas period trip so no deal will be available. we are also planning a big family trip in 2012 so for that it will be about saving $$££$$.


never got a deal unless you consider going during the value season a discount. we usually go between thanksgiving and christmas, but this year we are going for the end of september and beginning of october. not sure if that is a discount time or not, but it’s the time i scheduled for vacation at work. going regardless. could somebody tell me if disney offers deals at the end of sept., beginning of oct. i’ve never paid attention in the past.


Discounts are very important to me… I def.plan my trips around them now that the kids are out of school (actually , out of the house!). I’ve gone the past 2 years in Sept (mid to late) and gotten free dining plan. One year about the 20th and last year around the 25th for 4 days. I believe the free dining was through the end of the month. Not sure about this year on the end date.