How is Beach Club to you?


I think that its awesome… TOTALLY!:heart::heart::heart::heart::laugh::laugh:


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The only thing I don’t like about Beach Club is that it’s on Crescent Lake and not Bay Lake.
That’s only because boating on Crescent Lake is too confined and there’s far too many no wake zones. Otherwise, BC is just swell.

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That is by far our favorite resort. In fact, if we can’t get a ressie there in the summer, we will postpone our trip. Stormalong Bay is the only thing that will get us out of the parks.


We only stayed there once but it our favorite. Now if I can only talk my DW into another stay there I’ll be happy. Epcot is our favorite park and it was so nice to be there in 5 mins.


By the way, my favorites are Wilderness Lodge and Contemporary (tower) for a variety of reasons including marinas on Bay Lake and price.
After that is AKL, again plus points for price but minus points for being land locked.
After that is all 5 of the Crescent Lake resorts mostly for location and dining options.
I also prefer to have all of the hotel in a single building. Boardwalk is a mixed bag here because the rooms are all under one roof, but all the shops are accessible from the outside only, which stinks in the rain.


Honestly, my favorite resort all around is POP, due to it’s nostalgia and cute Disney statues everywhere!!! But, Beach is my favorite deluxe resort, it’s adorable! Has cute little alcoves for the kiddos (and me…) to watch Disney movies, it’s large, it’s cozy. Great grounds and pools. Awesome arcade, eating options (BEACHES AND CREAM!) Walking distance and boat rides to parks. Great to walk over to the Boardwalk, it’s just wonderful. Plus, it’s nautical and I love nautical. But without the snobbishness of the Yatch Club Resort!


I have never encountered any snobs or snobbishness at the Yacht Club. Are you referring to the more formal atmosphere and decor or did you have a problem there?


Yacht Club seems to have a more formal atmosphere. . .

Love the Beach Club and the easy walk to Epcot. I do think the boat travel from HS is slow. But, the Beach Club is one of my favs!


No, I’m not referring to the atmosphere of the hotel. I love the feeling of the Yatch Club. :blush: I’m referring to the terribly rude people I encountered while I was on vacation with my friend family in 06. No one was rude directly to us, but people were so stuck up. Complaining about there being children playing in the lobby and in the pools. I even overheard one older couple complaining to the front deak about how “people with children under 16 shouldn’t be allowed to stay at the Yatch Club. And that they should only be allowed at the value resorts.” Seriously?? I mean seriously, you are in Disney, kids belong here! lol. Also, I’m a former CP internship participant and I had many friends who worked there and constantly complained about the rudeness of the guests. I mean, obviously there can be ignorant people everywhere and at any resort. But it seems to be there more.


That’s the stuff i like to hear:laugh:
We are at Disney World and there are kids playing in the lobby. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!


I’ve never stayed… But I’d like to… One day.:happy:


Haha, it was insane. I just couldn’t believe it. If I was that front desk CM I’d just be like…:ohmy::mellow::ohmy:


I absolutely LOVED IT!!!:heart::heart:


let me discribe it to you, AWESOME-NESS,SWEETNESS!and last but not least,MEGA FUN RESORT!!!


oh and prefect for the little ones… “YIPPIE!”


To expland on my previous comment, it’s a super cute resort! It’s very family friendly. And still has a very grown up feel to it too, which I think is an impressive compliment. The style reminds me of 1930s Cape May, NJ. Which was victorian and classic and clearly, natuical. lol. It’s a realllly nice resort. Not to mention, the AMAZING pools, Beaches and Cream, plus it’s right in the middle of SOOOO much. The stone throw away from EPCOT (you can walk there) and just a little bit further too HS (boat rides are available, but a little slow). Plus, the mecca of the boardwalk lays just across the lake! It’s seriously a very nice resort for big kids and little ones alike!


I love the crab legs and clams at the Cape May Cafe’ and the pool.