How is Cape May?


Haven’t been to the evening clam bake in years. Used to love it. Thinking of going again. Any thoughts from anyone???




There is only one vacation in the entire world that is better than a trip to Cape May. Try Island Grill while you are there – it’s the chef from Daniel’s, and he’s a master with teh scallops. Island Grill is right behind Collier’s, which is great because you’ll need to grab a bottle before you eat.

Don’t miss breakfast at George’s. That banana french toast is indescribably excellent. Also the tiramisu waffles. Oh my.

Best afternoon: We love kayaking in the salt marshes. So fun! We use Aqua Trails up by the Coast Guard facility. They are great guides.


Sorry, I meant the restaurant at the Beach Club.



The buffet is pretty good, though has gotten really busy over the years. I have to force myself to slow down. I prefer a later seating, 7ish. Desserts are good.


How is Cape May?
About the same as the rest of the Jersey Shore.
(You asked).

As for the restaurant in WDW, breakfast is pretty good and they will make you omelets to order (ask your waiter/ess).
Dinner’s not so great, in fact, there’s a serious shortage of fried shellfish for a Clam bake themed buffet.


We loved Cape May- we thought the buffet sufficed and it was nice and busy with a great atmosphere.


Cape May NJ? Same old same old… Now Cape May clam bake in WDW is good. Ive been 2 times for dinner and 2 times for breakfast. I personally think the clams are water down. Ive grown up on boats since my dad is a capt and owns a party boat down the Jersey shore and I know clams and IMO they are just logged with water…


I live in South Jersey, and I’ve probably only been to Cape May four or five times; at least four of those times were for my kids sporting events.
We’ve had breakfast and dinner at Cape May Cafe at the World and have enjoyed both; would definitely go back.


[QUOTE=fjs08;961158]Sorry, I meant the restaurant at the Beach Club.

LOL!!! Oh my goodness. I didn’t even look to see which forum this thread was in. You’d think I was a first-time visitor to MB!!! :laugh:


[QUOTE=fjs08;961158]Sorry, I meant the restaurant at the Beach Club.

Its almost a must do everytime we go.


DH and DD love clams and could sit there for hours and eat them. DS and I can’t stand them and we still love it there. The food is good and I just LOVE the beach club!


Never done the clam bake, but we LOVE the breakfast at Cape May. I have said many times on here that the characters for CM’s breakfast are the best, most kid-friendly, interactive characters we have experienced. We like the food pretty well too.


We finally got back there and it was still good. If you do go, make your ressie for about 5:30 when they open. Food is nice and fresh and not as many people at opening time.


Thanks for the tip. We don’t mind eating early. This is one of the new restaurants we are going to try in Sept. if we can get an ADR.


All of our ADR’s were between 4:30 and 5:30. No lie, we did not wait any longer than 10 minutes to sit at any of them and some we didn’t get there until the time we had a seating. That includes O’Hana’s, Chef Mickey’s and 1900 Park Fare.